Track Review: Ever Seen // Beabadoobee


Next month, the young British star Beabadoobee is set to drop her third album, This Is How Tomorrow Moves. Recorded with the legendary Rick Rubin at his Shangri-La studios, the album has already teased us with early singles like ‘Take A Bite‘ and ‘Coming Home.’ Now, Beabadoobee has released her third new track on the album, ‘Ever Seen.’

Written while she was opening for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour last year, ‘Ever Seen’ was initially imagined as a country song. And you can almost hear it—like a whisper of twang hidden beneath the dreamy indie-pop layers. But what we’ve got now is a starry-eyed anthem brimming with that “head over heels” kind of love. 

It’s the kind of song you’d hear after stumbling into a trendy East London bar, where undiscovered indie gems are found. That’s where ‘Ever Seen’ belongs. It’s fizzy, it’s lovely, and it’s got lyrics like “every piece of me holds parts of you” and “Said I had thе prettiest eyеs he’d ever seen” that make you feel like you’re floating in a bubble of young love.

The ‘Ever Seen’ music video, directed by Jake Erland, takes viewers to the vibrant, neon-lit streets of Shibuya, Japan. Released alongside the single, the video perfectly complements its soft and sweet melody. The thumbnail, reminiscent of the iconic Plastic Love portrait, hints at the video’s clever, meta touches. Bea’s boyfriend makes a cameo, adding personal warmth to the visuals. At the video’s conclusion, Bea rises into the sky, paying homage to the end of Avril Lavigne’s ‘Don’t Tell Me.’

This Is How Tomorrow Moves is out on August 16th, and if ‘Ever Seen’ is any indication, we’re in for a delightful warm and fuzzy journey. So mark your calendars, because Beabadoobee’s latest is not to be missed.

Words by Amy Wild

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