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New Bill Submitted To Ban Console Scalping In The UK

A shortage of new gaming consoles has increased the demand for a ban on console scalping– the practice of using bots to buy stock and resell for profit. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles are still quickly selling out each time they restock, as lockdown restrictions are making it harder for consumers to get […]Read More

Gaming News: Sony Pulls Cyberpunk 2077 From PlayStation Store

In an unprecedented move, Sony announced that Cyberpunk 2077 has been removed from the PlayStation Store. The decision has come because of players noticing a significant difference in the quality of the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One compared to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and, most notably, PC versions of the game. Several […]Read More

Examining Nintendo’s 3DS Rival: Sony’s PlayStation Vita

Introduction Despite the rise of the smartphone, which can provide competitive videogame experiences alongside an array of other things, there is still an interest out there for dedicated handheld game systems. The Nintendo 3DS turned up in the UK retail market in early 2011, with the standout feature being the often referenced (glasses free) 3D […]Read More

The Month in Games: December 2020

As we bid 2020 farewell, the final gaming releases of the year include immersive wartime adventures, Greek gods and monsters, a battle against time (and a dragon), gang warfare prohibition style and a little game called Cyberpunk 2077. Empire of Sin Make your moves to control the streets of Chicago in this turn-based strategy. Set […]Read More

Exploring Sony’s Nintendo Wii Rival

The casual gaming market saw Nintendo strike gold with their game-changing Wii console and, naturally, Sony and Microsoft each wanted a slice of the action, leading us to the PlayStation Move motion controllers and the controller-free Kinect in 2010. The PlayStation Move controllers were first designed with the PS3 in mind and are not entirely […]Read More

Voting Opens For Golden Joystick Awards 2020

GamesRadar today announced that public voting has opened for the 2020 Golden Joystick Awards, which will be an online ceremony as with similar awards events this year. 18 categories are available for the public to vote on, including awards for Nintendo, Playstation, PC and Xbox Games of the Year respectively. Additional key categories available for […]Read More

Gaming News: PlayStation 5 Showcase Recap

Sony has announced more details about the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5. Revealing the details in an online presentation, Sony also gave fans a look at some of the titles that are in development for the next-gen console. First up was the announcement of Final Fantasy XVI. Featuring a medieval setting, fans got a […]Read More

5 Of The Best PlayStation 2 Games

Sony’s PlayStation 2 celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and what a legacy it holds – it was the best-selling console of all time and sold over 155 million units. Many people have debated that it was the backward compatibility to play PlayStation games and the ability to play DVDs, but it was arguably the […]Read More

Gaming News: Spider-Man to be a PlayStation Exclusive for Square

The developers behind Square Enix’s Avengers game have just announced a surprising addition to their roster, Spider-Man. But there’s a catch, the character is exclusive to PlayStation. On August 3rd, just two days after National Spider-Man day, the Crystal Dynamics associate director Jeff Adams posted on the PlayStation Blog announcing that fan favourite superhero Spider-Man […]Read More

Game Review: The Last of Us Part II

Released: June 2020 Rating: M (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Use of Drugs) It’s been seven long years since Naughty Dog gave the world the gift of The Last of Us. The survival horror game set with a zombie apocalypse backdrop defined the previous era of gaming with the greatest […]Read More

Gaming News: The Last of Us Part II Delayed

The Last of Us Part II has been delayed indefinitely. Announcing the news in a statement, PlayStation announced the game would be delayed, citing the current pandemic as part of the reason behind the decision. In addition, Naughty Dog published their own message to fans on Twitter, saying that the game was in the later […]Read More