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Taylor Swift’s New Album Is A Love Letter To Herself

New album Lover sees Taylor Swift shake off the bitterness of 2017’s reputation with album opener ‘I Forgot That You Existed’ proclaiming indifference to the public feuding between her and Kanye West: “It isn’t love, it isn’t hate it’s just indifference”.  Yet the fact that the next track ‘Cruel Summer’ shares a name with a […]Read More

Track Review: The Archer // Taylor Swift

When I first saw the muted pastel promotions for Taylor Swift’s upcoming album Lover, I was hopeful for a mature synth-based album, one that would be a landmark of Swift’s growth as an artist and as a person. Now, with the release of her song ‘The Archer’ and three songs into her promotional cycle, I […]Read More

Track Review: Look What You Made Me Do // Taylor

Following on from a series of minor public scandals, it was generally expected that Taylor Swift’s first single since the release of her blockbuster album 1989 was going to be a changing of the tide. Given the edgy album name and cover art, the consensus was that Taylor would not follow the same saccharine pop […]Read More

Album Review: Maudlin Days // Ocean Carolina

New York based band Ocean Carolina have released their sophomore album Maudlin Days. A heart-felt, deep-cutting 12 tracks of percussive Americana. At the centre of the band’s creativity is Michael Simone, a former EDM producer who decided to enter a more authentic genre of music. It’s a transition that would normally raise a few eyebrows. […]Read More

Track Review: Love Myself // Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld has recently been catapulted into the public eye and a whole new level of fame. You may know her from the film Begin Again, where she played Mark Ruffalo’s daughter or more likely from her appearance in the acapella craze that is the film Pitch Perfect 2, as newcomer Emily Junk. You’ll probably also recognise […]Read More

Apple Music: The Lowdown

Apple are known for being ahead of the times when it comes to the technological world but in regards to music streaming, they’re only just catching on. Last month saw the release of the hotly anticipated Apple Music, a streaming service set to push the likes of Spotify, Pandora and Soundcloud out of the market. […]Read More

Taylor Swift: Is She Really That Amazing?

I wouldn’t describe myself as a ‘Swiftie’ but I will admit that Taylor Swift is my guilty pleasure. I mean, who doesn’t love lip syncing wildly to ‘Shake It Off’ while dancing around the kitchen? Apart from making cheesy yet loveable music, Swift is also known as America’s informal ‘National Sweetheart’. But is she really that amazing? […]Read More

Live Review: Taylor Swift // Manchester Arena, 24.06.15

After a surprisingly slow, acoustic, almost background music-like set from her support act Vance Joy, Taylor Swift took to the stage to the tune of 15,000 screaming fans at Manchester Arena. Before the show, a sort of unspoken competitiveness had descended on the arena as the most dedicated and over-excited audience members (including myself) eyed […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Zara Rowden

Music has had an impact on my life for as long as I can remember. It’s shaped my relationships, the way I view the world and pulled me through all of the difficult situations I’ve ever had to face. It’s not only given me a place to escape to but also simply just made the […]Read More

My Life In Songs: Beth Kirkbride

This week it’s the turn of Editor Beth Kirkbride to describe her life in five songs. It’s tougher than it sounds to pick but she’s narrowed it down to five (and we’re really sorry about the inclusion of Taylor Swift …) Wherever You Will Go // The Calling How many of you can say that […]Read More