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‘An Elephant in the Garden’ Is A Tale Of Elephant-Sized

Set in 1945, An Elephant in the Garden follows Lizzie, her mother, and an elephant named Marlene as they flee the Allied fire-bombing of their home in Germany. Escaping from the Allies advancing from the West, and the Russians advancing from the East, the three meet a host of people who help them on their way to safety. The streamed show is directed by Simon […]Read More

‘Brutus of Troy’ Is A Small-Scale Reimagining Of Myth: Review

A half-hour radio play may not seem the most fitting format to explore Geoffrey of Monmouth’s legend of Britain’s first king. However, writer and director William Kemp uses the medium to great effect in his Brutus of Troy, creating a vibrant, snapshot-style narrative that highlights the human in the epic. Following in the tradition of […]Read More

‘The Reunion Party’ Is An Exciting, Inventive Zoom Night In:

The Reunion Party creates the same sense of anxious excitement as a Kazia Ishiguro novel, and does so all the more effectively through its use of such an innovative format: Zoom. The show’s writing and approach, combined with convincing performances all round, make for a tense, gripping and enjoyable performance. Taking place in real-time over […]Read More

‘One Hand Tied Behind Us’ Offers A Kaleidoscope Of Perspectives

Watching One Hand Tied Behind Us, a collection of five commissioned monologues curated by Maxine Peake for London’s Old Vic theatre, is like looking through a kaleidoscope. With each turn, different perspectives of womanhood—spanning race, sexuality, class, liberty, age and time—are illuminated with poignant scrutiny, all twined inextricably together by a painful common denominator: the […]Read More

‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ Sees Its Protagonist In The

“What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?” – Mark 8:6. Wilde’s classic tale of the obsession with aesthetics is re-imagined for the digital world in this modern adaptation, co-produced by the Barn Theatre, Lawrence Batley Theatre, New Wolsey Theatre, Oxford Playhouse and Theatr Clwyd. The contemporary portrait, the selfie, is […]Read More

‘All In Your Head’ Breaks Your Heart And Captures The

Trigger warning: This review of All In Your Head contains reference to domestic abuse and coercive control. I’ve never liked Valentine’s day. Everything’s always too sweet and sugary- verging the edge of sickly. There are too many pink love hearts, and too many stuffed bears. I don’t trust it. It’s not real. This Valentine’s Day, […]Read More

‘Uncle Vanya’ Is A Stunning Fusion Of Theatre & Film:

Ian Rickson’s cinematic production of Conor McPherson’s adaptation of the Chekhov classic Uncle Vanya has truly changed the game of modern theatre. With the West End hit having prematurely closed like so many others, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, its digital return has proven to be perhaps an even greater success, surpassing all other streamed […]Read More