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Inside The World Of Bedtime Stories For Adults

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, bedtime stories were seen as being child’s play. As you sat in bed, trying to stay up as late as possible, your parents read The Gruffalo for the thousandth time in a row. Still, night after night, despite your valiant efforts to delay your bedtime, […]Read More

Keeping Up With the Coronavirus: MythBusters Edition

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there seems to be more questionable information on the internet than ever. From headlines telling us not to worry because it’s ‘just the flu’ to news outlets telling us that the virus was deliberately manufactured by Chinese scientists to achieve world domination. It’s a tough job for anyone […]Read More

Keeping up with the Coronavirus

It’s in times like these where I like to remind myself of the wise words from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “DON’T PANIC”. I’ll not lie to you, I’ve been trying to get this written for almost a week. Now that we’re all on lockdown, it’s a perfect time to reflect on all the […]Read More

The Toxicity Of Diet Culture

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check my social media. I have a scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and maybe even my LinkedIn page. On each of these days I wake up to new posts about dieting, exercise, or some sort of product being sold to enhance not only my health, but my appearance.Read More

Instead of reforming GCSEs, let’s go Dutch

That’s right, folks. 2017 is the year of the new GCSE marking system for English and Maths, with grades numbered 9-1 being given out instead of letters. As this rather idealised video shows, fewer students will be able to achieve the top grade of nine than have previously been achieving the top grade of A*. […]Read More

Am I weird? Analysing my herbal lifestyle

I grew up in a household that was vegetarian, used herbal remedies, and didn’t own a microwave. In the deepest darkest corner of rural Kent, this was seen as really weird. I, however, didn’t realise quite how weird until I recounted some of my family anecdotes to a couple of friends and they laughed so […]Read More

Versus Smoking – Part Two

Welcome back. I’m trying to quit smoking, and I’m using literature, philosophy and the President of the United States to do it. Let’s continue. Addiction, as we have seen, is tied to emptiness – a hunger. Smoking belies satisfaction and has carcinogenic, mutagenic and ultimately deathly properties. So, in order to overcome the real crux […]Read More

Versus Smoking – Part One

Welcome. I am trying to quit smoking. The following is a conduction of a kind of self-therapy through which I try to learn more about smoking and addiction by analysing both literary fragments (admittedly scant) which muse upon smoking and my own mind/consciousness, with the eventual goal being some sort of developed or more thorough […]Read More

It’s Time To Talk: Mental Health

Two years ago, I didn’t understand what anxiety was. In fact, I wasn’t really that well up on mental health as a whole. We don’t educate young people on mental illness and we grow up somewhat acknowledging its existence in the same light as dust under the carpet – it’s there alright, but lets not […]Read More

Stigma Around Social Anxiety: Get Over It

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt so uncomfortable and nervous that you just had to leave? Or perhaps you had an unfortunate interaction with someone and the very thought of seeing them again made you feel nauseous? Now, imagine someone telling you to just “get over it”. Imagine them telling you to stop being “such a […]Read More