Inspirational Health Warrior: Laura Middleton-Hughes

The media is awash with stories about the superficial nature of influencers, and the negative aspects of social media. Yet, social media can be...

Why You Should Avoid Viral Tik Tok Trend ‘Splinting’

While TikTok may be home to the latest viral trends, this one comes with a warning label.

PMDD: How Severe Menstrual Cycles Can Affect Women’s Mental Health

Women speak out about the rare and widely misunderstood condition which is Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.The disorder is so severe 15% of those with PMDD...
Sarah everard's vigil

Yes, All Women.

*trigger warning: this article contains discussions of harassment and sexual assault*The outpouring of pain from women online this past week has been overwhelming to...
best friends

Why You (Sometimes) Shouldn’t Be Friends Forever

Ride or die, BFF's, friends for life? Oh, the pressures of modern friendship.Friends are undoubtedly the people who’ve seen you at your worst, your...

Trendy TikTok Sugaring Wax Burns Skin, Intimate Expert Warns

As we still have to wait a while until we can step inside a salon again, many of us are turning to social media...

Inspirational Charity Founder: Oa Hackett

It would be far too easy to label Oa Hackett as inspiring because she is a cancer survivor who used that experience to help...

Inspirational Influencer: Flo Simpson

She has provided much-needed escapism from lockdown’s inescapable monotony and has become an advocate for body positivity and self-love. This is the story of...

How I Learnt To Embrace Being Mediocre At My Hobbies

"You don’t have to be a prodigy to be unique," CavetownIf you’re anything like me, you had a whole load of hobbies growing up....

Voicenotes And The Rise Of Audio

“Hi?” I say awkwardly.  The little microphone icon flashes red while I scramble to think of something to say.I spend ten whole minutes agonising...

An Influencer In Lockdown: An Interview With Eve Bennett

Navigating a global pandemic is difficult enough but with over 200,000 YouTube subscribers watching your every move, there is another dimension of pressure.Eve...

Minimalism: The Key To Fulfilment Or Just Another Fad?

There is often a certain smugness attached to the minimalists presented in popular culture. The subtle implication of “I’m better than you are”. Maybe...
alcohol cocktails

How Is Our Relationship With Alcohol Changing?

After the conclusion of Dry January, the conversation surrounding reduced drinking and alcohol abstinence is at an all-time high. Sober consciousness is palpable across...

DIY Indoor Greenhouse: Keep Houseplants Thriving

“If I come home after a really hard shift, I just want to sit in front of my cabinets and stare at my plants...

Your Fad Diet Is My Only Option To Survive

I have been on a strict gluten-free diet since I was fifteen. No, it’s not for Instagram.  No, it’s not to be a hipster....