Eva Malley Art And The Transformative Power Of TikTok

Passion, energy, drive and commitment. It’s tough out there for small businesses but 21-year-old Eva Malley from Brighton, UK has proved she, and her designs have got what it takes to not only survive but thrive. An eco-conscious brand with a distinctive identity and ultra-trendy print, tote, earring, and even sweatshirt designs. Eva Malley Art […]Read More

Multi-Level Marketing Beauty Companies Are Anti-Feminist

As the pandemic takes control of livelihoods once again with lockdown 3.0, multi-level marketing (MLM) beauty companies are thriving. Facebook groups and Instagram DMs are the predatory breeding ground used by MLM sellers to recruit, or bag a few more bucks for their ‘business’. Women suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth or struggling to […]Read More

Track Review: Skinny Skinny // Ashton Irwin

Trigger Warning: body dysmorphia ‘Skinny Skinny’ is a sore scar that highlights Ashton Irwin’s experience with body dysmorphia as he opens up about the mental torment that affects millions who struggle with body image. The 5 Second of Summer Aussie drummer, Ashton Irwin has begun his own solo journey by releasing his first ever single. […]Read More

Has TikTok Made Our Attention Spans Shorter?

During lockdown, TikTok has become one of the most popular apps. If you’re unsure what TikTok is, here is a quick run down of all you need to know: A TikTok is a short video, usually between 15-60 seconds – it can be about pretty much anything (within TikTok’s guidelines). There are new trends on […]Read More

Track Review: Dishes // Lauv

‘Dishes’ is all about the little things. Even the unwashed ones that piled up on the kitchen side. It’s clear straight away that this track was written with a certain individual in mind. Rising pop sensation Lauv has released a surprise brand-new quarantine-made EP, Without You. This 4-track EP is made up of songs written […]Read More

EP Review: how will i rest in peace if i’m

KennyHoopla has come bursting into this fragmented world with intense open eyes and a gaping heart with debut EP how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway? //. Kenny La’ron is an Alternative and Indie LA-based artist born in Cleveland. After his first single ‘Waves//’ released in 2017, he has created […]Read More

Lockdown Listening: Is Coronavirus Changing Our Music Tastes?

I recently submitted my dissertation to complete my final year of university. All whilst sitting in my pyjamas finishing off a bowl of cereal. And bam, just like that, it was over before midday. Now what? This highly anticlimactic moment called for some feel-good tracks to lighten the mood. I found myself listening to all sorts, […]Read More

Album Review: SAWAYAMA // Rina Sawayama

SAWAYAMA is outstandingly raw, empowering and full of early 2000s Britney Spears vibes on a rollercoaster ride of bold synthetic beats and catchy lyrics. Japanese-born British Rina Sawayama has created a supreme, gritty concoction of an electropop and Nu-Metal in this latest release. The album hits sensitive and personal notes that delve into her childhood, […]Read More