Jimmie Allen – Collaborative EP ‘Bettie James’ Out Today

Romantic blues and jazzy strums, platinum-selling country singer/songwriter Jimmie Allen stuns with R&B inspired tunes in the country lane. Today marks the release of his upcoming collaborative EP Bettie James. Named wonderfully after his late father James Allen, and grandmother Bettie Snead, the project features several well named artists. Jimmie Allen is far from the […]Read More

Poem of the Week: Man Down // Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest has a thing for the senses. Her pleasant delivery of spoken poetry are like small pieces of informational strums tugging at our hearts. She draws experience from touches, of tangible things to see, melted words and realisations readers are not often confronted with. Such is the magic of Tempest’s poetry; when I first […]Read More

Interview: Haley & Michaels

Country charm and fated romance, tangled in music sheets and coffee talks: husband and wife duo Haley & Michaels recently released their single ‘Hail Mary’ in the UK. I caught them for a quick telephone interview where we talked about how they met, pregnancy and lockdown, and their love for country music. If you’re making […]Read More