EP Review: me, my girls & i // BOYS WORLD


It has almost been a year since Boys World released their summer single ‘SO WHAT’ back in 2022. Now, they’re back with a musical vengeance and an EP full of honesty, self-actualization and better sound direction.

Their debut EP While You Were Out is all about  empowering women amid a relationship. It explores topics of boyfriends that don’t get along with friends, independence and getting things done for yourself and not necessarily for anyone else, going back and forth in a relationship, and feeling unsure of the stability of that dynamic. The tracks are a mishmash of bubble gum pop and R&B, with a slight edge of rap combined with ballads. It’s a good collection of experimental sounds and lyrics that are still trying to find their common denominator.

me, my girls & i is a completely different experience. The signature Boys World aesthetic is still present in every song. Things like fast-paced beats, lyrical repetition and well-organised harmonies. But there’s an assertion this time around that the girls know exactly what they want, sonically and thematically. Its opening track is of course, ‘SO WHAT’ – introducing new attitudes and confidence, not just in themselves, but in their position within their relationships. They’re no longer testing the waters of these boys they’re hanging around with. They don’t wait for red flags or signals to show whether these relationships are worth their time. As the lyrics go, “Boy, I know you miss me, so what?”

There are two other upbeat songs in me, my girls and i. ‘Mantrum’ is aesthetically the antithesis of ‘SO WHAT’. While the opener is all pastel colours, summer pop with sun beats in the production; ‘Mantrum’ is dark, reckless grunge, and absolutely reprimanding. It doesn’t tease what was lost in the relationship. Instead, it outlines the misgivings of the other side, the sufferings of trying to keep the relationship afloat, before promptly deciding it’s no longer theirs to care for. As exhibited by the lyric: “Boy, I ain’t your mama, pull your pants up // ‘Cause I’m so sick and tired of these mantrums”. The music video follows this same vibe with black leather outfits and lighting dripping in blood red and poison green.

The last dance-worthy song is ‘me, my girls, & i’. It serves a similar purpose to fellow girl group Little Mix’s ‘Hair’ – a post-break-up slumber party. Emphasising the importance of self-love, it’s an uplifting addition that celebrates friendship. The EP wraps up with two ballads at the end – ‘Funeral’ and ‘Wrong Side’. Between them, ‘Wrong Side’ is far superior.

There’s more nuance in the lyrics and the melody allows a delicate vulnerability that’s enticing to listen to. It explores putting guards up and preparing for that next relationship. As the lyrics – “Feel it on the tip of my tongue but I bite it // Keep my love locked up on a shelf // ‘Cause I know there’s a chance that if I jump you won’t dive in // So I’ll just keep my heart to myself” – outline, they shy away from admitting to their feelings because there’s a possibility it may all just be one-sided. It’s the textured piano and this notion that it’s okay to be uncertain that keeps the entire album grounded in humility.

Overall, me, my girls & i is the right step in the right direction for the girls. As artists, they’re finally finding their proper footing. Still, their distinct aesthetic of an empowering girl group tackling relationships and finding confidence is overt. This reminds loyal long-time followers that although Boys World may be growing up, they’re still the same group of five friends people have known and loved since their initial release of ‘Girlfriends’.

Boys World’s EP me, my girls & i is available from 23 June.

Words by Mae Trumata

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