‘Dead By Daylight’ Releases ‘Portrait Of A Murder’ Chapter

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After a year that has seen K-Pop, Resident Evil and Hellraiser make their way into the Realm of The Entity, Dead by Daylight is releasing its final DLC of the year, Portrait of a Murder. Taking a more original approach as opposed to another licensed killer, Portrait of a Murder is ending the year on a high. With a brand new killer, survivor, map and a whole host of new perks to sink your teeth into, let’s break down everything you need to know about the chapter.

The Killer

©Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is no stranger to licensed characters from the horror pantheon, with Nemesis from Resident Evil and Pinhead from Hellraiser joining the roster. However this time, Behaviour is ending the year with a new, original character: The Artist. With a woeful tale of guilt and sorrow, The Artist paints a tragic figure with perks dedicated to hindering the progress of survivors.

From a gameplay perspective her power, Birds of Torment, makes her more of a zoning killer, able to manipulate the chases with survivors to her advantage. Using her inky arms, The Artist has the ability to summon a murder of crows in strategic areas that swarm her prey. These allow her to track survivors from great distances, while also corralling them to their demise.

Along with her power, The Artist comes with three unique perks. They are:

Grim Embrace: A perk that reaches its full potential when each survivor has been hooked once, Grim Embrace will block all generators after hooking the final survivor for up to 30 seconds when fully upgraded and also reveals the obsession to the killer.

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance: A perk that hinders generator progress. When a survivor is placed on a scourged hook, the generator with the most progress will explode and lose 15% of its progress before regressing. Any survivors working on the

Hex: Pentimento: A new way to play with Hexes. Whenever a totem is cleansed, the killer will be able to see the aura of the broken totem and rekindle it. With each rekindled totem having its own unique property:

1 Totem: Reduced repair speed

2 Totems: Reduced healing speed

3 Totems: Reduced recovery speed

4 Totems: Reduced gate opening speed

5 Totems: All totems are blocked and protected by The Entity, meaning they cannot be cleansed.

The Survivor

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A skilled mathematician, Jonah Vasquez is methodical in his approach to evading killers, repairing generators and getting out of sticky situations with a brand new Boon. His perks are:

Overcome: A brand new exhaustion perk. When the survivor is injured, they gain a stronger burst of speed for up to 2 seconds, with an exhaustion cooldown of up to 40 seconds.

Corrective Action: A perk that may help your less experienced comrades. With every great skill check, you gain a token. Should your fellow survivors fail a skill check, this perk consumes a token and changes the failed skill check into a successful good one.

Boon: Exponential: A new addition to the controversial Boon Totems. Once a survivor has created a Boon, they are able to recover at a faster speed and fully pick themselves up after being downed by the killer, while in the vicinity of the active totem.

The Map

©Behaviour Interactive

While it’s been a scarce year for maps, with the Racoon City Police Department being the only other new addition this year, the Eyrie of Crows is bringing us into the light, with an ethereal Chilean cemetery. Oozing with ink rising from the sand, the Eyrie features a towering structure in its centre and an uneven ground that make chases all the more unique. Whether its darting between terrible tombstones or ascending toward hundreds of squawking crows, the Eyrie will make a fine addition to the already established maps.

Dead By Daylight: Portrait Of A Murder is available now.

Words by Jack Roberts

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