‘Interview With the Vampire’ Season Three Confirmed


Fans of Interview With the Vampire will be overjoyed to hear ahead of its season two finale, season three has been confirmed

The TV series is based on The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, though was popularised by the film adaptation starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Kristen Dunst in 1994. AMC Networks took on adapting Rice’s book series for TV in 2022 and has since spawned two successful seasons, with a third on the horizon. 

The story follows Louis, a vampire, as he is interviewed by the human journalist, Daniel, in the modern day. This ongoing interaction follows a span of interviews 50 years prior. Louis recollects his days leading up to his time as a vampire, as well as his journey through years of history with Lestat and eventually Claudia. A complex tale of love, family, and the supernatural, Interview With the Vampire uses a small ensemble cast to captivate audiences. 

Led by Jacob Anderson as Louis, best known for playing Grey Worm in Game of Thrones, he is supported by Sam Reid as Lestat and Claudia played by Bailey Bass in season one and Delainey Hayles in season two, as well as the recurring appearance of Eric Bogosian who plays the interviewer.

Claudia recently saw a change of actress, as Delainey Hayles took the helm from Bailey Bass. With scheduling reasons suspected as the reason for the change, the transition has been smooth. As well as Hayles, season two saw newcomers such as Assad Zaman as Armand and Ben Daniels as Santiago join the cast.

Recently, AMC Networks have been expanding ‘Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe’, led by Mark Johnson, as they reform her written material for the small screen. Mayfair Witches is the latest new endeavour in the expansion.

Dan McDermott, the president of entertainment and AMC studios for AMC networks, remarked on Interview With the Vampire and the creator, showrunner, and writer at the helm: “What Rolin [Jones] has done with these stories and characters, working so closely with Mark, as the steward of this universe, has exceeded the loftiest version of our expectations.”

With little news for season three of Interview With the Vampire, fans will have to rejoice in rewatching the recently released second season on BBC iPlayer in the UK and AMC+ in the US, whilst delving into the rest of ‘Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe’.

Words by Annabel Smith

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