Online Course: How To Get Paid Writing Work As A Student



In this online course, freelance journalist Adam England provides an overview of how to get paid writing work as a student, whether you’re at university, college or are studying part-time while working.

  • Pitching – how and where
  • Networking, making contacts, utilising social media
  • Getting journalism experience
  • Other writing work (copywriting, PR work etc.)
  • Mental health, self-care, work-life balance
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome – believing you’re good enough
  • How uni can help you with freelancing

For the £15 cost of this course you get access to all of the above information – for as long as you need it – as well as a chance to ask Adam any questions you have about getting paid writing work as a student.

About Adam: Adam England is a freelance journalist who has contributed to the likes of The Guardian, Vice, Kerrang!, CityMetric, Journo Resources and others.



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