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Online Course: Freelance Political Commentary – How to Get Started



In this online course, Jason Reed covers:

  • Why write about politics? 
  • Should you write for free?
  • Knowing what to write about – including sources to get political information  
  • Converting ideas/opinions into pitches – including news pegs, what to include in a pitch, and when and where to send your pitch 
  • Turning a pitch into an article – including structuring your piece

For the £15 cost of this course, you get access to all of the above and can also send Jason an article or pitch for one-to-one feedback, or ask any questions you might have about freelance political commentary.

About Jason: Jason Reed is deputy editor of opinion website 1828, president of current affairs magazine The London Globalist, digital director of campaign organisation the British Conservation Alliance and founding editor of The Tamworth. He writes for the Times, the Independent and several others.



Facebook: www.facebook.com/JasonReed624
Twitter: www.twitter.com/JasonReed624
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/JasonReed624
Instagram: www.instagram.com/JasonReed624

The Indiependent is committed to making the world of journalism a more inclusive place. If for any reason you can’t afford the cost of this course please email [email protected] and at our discretion we will provide a copy free of charge.


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