Song of the Week (30th Jan): A Jagged Gorgeous Winter // The Main Drag


In the midst of a cold, dark and long winter, as well as a new year, ‘A Jagged Gorgeous Winter’ by the alternative indie band The Main Drag is the anthem we all need right now. Containing many nuances to the literal being of winter, the electro-pop laced song is surprisingly upbeat.

The lyrics are creatively woven together in such a way that they could be interpreted literally as a song about the bleak coldness of winter, or what could be interpreted as the “seasons” of a relationship. The “threads of summer” referring to the summer solstice in which a relationship is at its highest and happiest times. In comparison, the “winter solstice” referred to in the lyrics, represents the lowest and darkest moments of a relationship.

Whichever interpretation you choose, two things are for certain. The first, being that relationships are like the seasons; they are constantly changing and revolving, reaching new highs and new lows. The second, being that ‘A Jagged Gorgeous Winter’ is not only the perfect snapshot of our lives right now, but also the perfect song to keep us jamming out into spring.

Words by Sophie V.


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