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‘The Reunited States’ Is An Earnest, If Naïve, Call For

Biting satire is the norm in contemporary political discourse. So while The Reunited States may not turn many heads, its energetic subjects and earnest message make for a pleasant watch. Elisabetta Pulcini reviews. Directed by Ben Rekhi, The Reunited States is a documentary that follows individuals who go beyond party lines to reconnect with their […]Read More

TV Review: Adam Curtis’ ‘Can’t Get You Out of My

Can’t Get You Out of My Head is both a six-part documentary film series by Adam Curtis, and the history lessons you never had. Subtitled ‘An Emotional History of the Modern World’, the films focus in on individuals from the 20th century whose decisions and influence have shaped our current reality. Each of these decisions are shown […]Read More

‘King Rocker’ – Something Old, Something New: Review

King Rocker is about two larger than life characters: Robert Lloyd, lead singer of The Nightingales, and a massive statue of King Kong. Both their stories are weaved into an anarchic film that launches the rockumentary genre into the stratosphere. Stewart Lee greets us on arrival at Birmingham’s Grand Central Station, formerly New Street, with […]Read More

Is The Natural History Documentary Bubble About To Burst?

Since the release of Planet Earth II in 2016, BBC Studios have charted a course of releasing annual blue-chip (a big-budget, international production) natural history series to worldwide audiences. The BBC has labelled these releases, bar the outlying Dynasties (2018), as the ‘Planet’ series. Titans such as Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II (2017) […]Read More

‘The Capote Tapes’ — Truman Capote By Those Who Knew

A common theme you’ll find in The Capote Tapes is that “every big party you went to, there was Truman.” A man so ingrained in the New York social stage, he was near untouchable—until the nature of his final, unpublished work came to light. In a selection of tapes from George Plimpton’s collection, we gain […]Read More

TV Review: ‘Locked In: Breaking the Silence’ Is A Moving

Imagine waking up one day to find out you have a debilitating illness no one knows how to treat or cure. Imagine living with the fear that this could have a detrimental impact upon your whole life. Imagine being completely paralysed. Due for release on BBC Four on 30 November 2020, Locked In: Breaking the […]Read More

‘Ronnie’s’ Is A Timely And Stylish Celebration Of The Arts:

A celebration of music, creativity and nightlife, Oliver Murray’s documentary Ronnie’s is a surprisingly pertinent film that captures the importance of the arts and illustrates late 20th-century London in an alluringly bohemian light. Charting the life of Ronnie Scott, jazz saxophonist and co-founder of Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, the film begins in a wistful, nostalgic mood. […]Read More

‘I Am Samuel’- A Raw Story of Optimism: LFF Review

Filmed over five years, I Am Samuel is a vérité-style documentary that follows the life of titular Samuel as he moves to Nairobi in search of a new life, finding a place of belonging in a community of fellow gay men and falling in love with his soulmate Alex. Facing the pressure of being truthful […]Read More

TV Review: In ‘The Rise Of The Murdoch Dynasty’, The

Rupert Murdoch is a man that everyone should know well. After all, he has single-handedly controlled the swing of the political pendulum since the premiership of Margaret Thatcher. The Australian media mogul started out inheriting just one newspaper in Adelaide, but rose to control the Sun, the Times, Fox News, Sky, the New York Post, […]Read More