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Theatre Review: Girls Like That // Synergy Theatre Project

Evan Placey’s “urgent and explosive” play, Girls Like That, won the title of Best Play for Young Audiences in 2015. Even though I might fall into this one-act piece of collective narration and didactic direct mode of address‘ typical age demographic, I have never cared for this play, nor have I cared for Esther Baker’s […]Read More

‘Selling Sunset’: Can Successful Women Co-Exist in the Workplace?

An average first-time viewer, watching the popular Netflix reality show Selling Sunset, probably doesn’t know the first thing about luxurious million-pound homes in LA. Three episodes in, the average viewer feels like they can appreciate the value of an infinity pool, the importance of a ‘him’ and ‘her’ closet and is already googling ‘how to […]Read More

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme: How The Mamma Mia! Films Saved Summer

August. The month for stumbling around festivals, swimming in the sea and listening to Jess Glynne for the thousandth time on a Jet2 flight. August 2020, however, represents a different beast altogether. As we all struggle to come to terms with staycations, picnics and socially distanced pub gardens, one thing has come to the rescue […]Read More

Why ‘Ugly Betty’ Changed My Life

Flashback to 2012. Picture a slightly gawky 14 year old with glasses and braces. Desperately trying to find my way in an all-girls school, I was beginning to navigate puberty. Passionate about my schoolwork and reading, I had a few close friends but not a huge crowd. The age-old issue for me was fitting in […]Read More

Kissing The Kissing Booth’s Misogyny Goodbye

Teen romantic comedies have been a staple of cinema for years, often credited to have been birthed in 1982 with Amy Heckerling’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Following this came a flurry of teen based rom-coms from the now iconic director John Hughes, giving voice to a generation overlooked in mainstream film. It is a […]Read More

How the Beauty Industry Pressured Women Into Shaving

‘I shave my whole body every day. It’s exhausting. Trust me. It’s gotten to the point where it takes up more of my life than anything else.’ – Chrissy Teigen in Allure, April 2015 ‘I refuse to shave. I had hairy armpits … The boys in my school would make fun of me. “Hairy monster.” […]Read More

Female Empowerment Through Literature: Four Must-Reads

Though literature can provoke and offend, it is likewise capable of acting as a medium of inspiration and empowerment.  Among the four books listed below are feminist non-fiction texts focusing on women’s sexuality and menstruation, encouraging female empowerment through education. Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski, Ph.D.  Centred around women’s sexuality, Dr. Emily Nagoski’s […]Read More

Lana Del Rey’s Essay: Not Big, Not Clever and Hardly

By now, you’ve probably heard about the essay Lana Del Rey posted to her Instagram account on 23rd May. You may even have read it. In case you hadn’t, or dismissed it as a TL;DR, I can summarise it as this: a long winded version of the “I’m not like other girls” cliché. Del Rey […]Read More