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What Would Bridget Jones Make Of #Girlboss Feminism?

Two whole decades have passed since Renée Zellweger first triumphed as a slim, non-smoking Texan playing the iconic and quintessentially British heroine, Bridget Jones. It’s no secret that Bridget’s politics have not aged as well as her films, but how does her status as a feminist icon measure up in 2021? A recent, but far […]Read More

Your ‘Grl Pwr’ T-Shirt Might Not Be Feminist At All

This year, International Women’s Day has coincided with the universal surge of outrage concerning Sarah Everard. Conversations concerning the wider mistreatment of women both in the UK and further afield are being had despite being left unspoken for far too long. This highlights, yet again, the continued need for feminism in a world dominated by […]Read More

‘Promising Young Woman’ Lands With A Whimper, Not A Bang:

When the trailer dropped for Emerald Fennell’s feature film debut, audiences were enraptured at the promise of a candy-coated #MeToo tale of sweet, sweet vengeance. On delivery, Promising Young Woman is a wild ride, bedecked in vibrant colours and boasting an exciting soundtrack. So why does it leave a bitter taste? Starring the wonderful Carey […]Read More

Yes, All Women.

*trigger warning: this article contains discussions of harassment and sexual assault* The outpouring of pain from women online this past week has been overwhelming to say the least. Following the disappearance of Sarah Everard, a woman who was just trying to walk home, women across the UK and beyond came together to discuss their stories […]Read More

‘A Sculpture For Mary Wollstonecraft’ Is A Fitting Tribute

On Tuesday 10th November, Maggi Hambling’s statue celebrating proto-feminist author Mary Wollstonecraft was revealed. Wollstonecraft’s eighteenth century book A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women, is hailed as one of the first feminist texts. In the book, one of Wollstonecraft’s lead arguments is that “taught from their infancy that beauty is woman’s sceptre, the mind […]Read More

Book Review: Boy Parts // Eliza Clark

Trigger warning: rape, assault  Let’s play a word association game, shall we. If I say ‘model’, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Perhaps you think of a tall, leggy Victoria’s secret model. Maybe you think of transgender model Munroe Bergdorf and her racism row with L’Oreal. Or maybe your mind goes to […]Read More

Ubisoft Remove Helen Lewis Collaboration Following Fan Criticism

Ubisoft has decided to terminate their relationship with British journalist Helen Lewis following fan uproar over her presence in the new game Watch Dogs: Legion. The developer has decided to pull their previously recorded collaboration with Lewis who was to appear as a voice actor for two in-game podcasts discussing the threat of fascism inside the […]Read More

Instagram, Feminism and Me

Feminism used to be an abstract, foreign concept to me. Something radical. I felt like I didn’t need feminism, that it didn’t affect me or my life. Turns out I just didn’t know what it was really about and therefore couldn’t recognise sexism, misogyny and the patriarchy in my everyday life. Sure, I knew of […]Read More

Theatre Review: Girls Like That // Synergy Theatre Project

Evan Placey’s “urgent and explosive” play, Girls Like That, won the title of Best Play for Young Audiences in 2015. Even though I might fall into this one-act piece of collective narration and didactic direct mode of address‘ typical age demographic, I have never cared for this play, nor have I cared for Esther Baker’s […]Read More

‘Selling Sunset’: Can Successful Women Co-Exist in the Workplace?

An average first-time viewer, watching the popular Netflix reality show Selling Sunset, probably doesn’t know the first thing about luxurious million-pound homes in LA. Three episodes in, the average viewer feels like they can appreciate the value of an infinity pool, the importance of a ‘him’ and ‘her’ closet and is already googling ‘how to […]Read More