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Gaming News: House of Lords Concludes Loot Boxes Must Be

Loot boxes have recently become a point of controversy worldwide, and today a ground-breaking  House of Lords commission concluded that they should be regulated under the 2005 Gambling Act. This act was passed with the intention of ‘protecting children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling’ while also ‘ensuring that gambling […]Read More

The Month in Games – July 2020

As summer gets into full swing, gamers will be able to test their skills on the track, save the kingdom, take a dive into Welsh folklore, defend against a Mongol invasion or just destroy the world and harvest humans with this month’s gaming releases. F1 2020 Compete to be the best in the world with […]Read More

Twitch Permanently Bans Streamers Following Sexual Abuse Claims

Twitch has permanently banned five prominent streamers after nearly a hundred allegations of sexual assault and abuse came to light.  Following a #MeToo wave on social media, hundreds of gamers – mainly women – came forward with their experiences of harassment, abuse and assault.  Taking to platforms Medium and TwitLonger, many of those stories included […]Read More

Gaming News: Epic Games Removes Police Cars From Fortnite

With the latest season of Fortnite, Epic Games has reportedly removed police cars from the popular game. This comes amid ongoing protests against police brutality and systemic racism in the United States and worldwide. Launched last week, Chapter 2-Season 3 of Fortnite introduces new water-themed gameplay to the survival shooter, which as of May has […]Read More

5 Reasons Why Persona 4 Golden Deserves A Remake

Following the success of Persona 5 (2016) and Persona 5 Royal (2019), Persona 4 Golden (2012) was recently ported to Windows. Persona 4 was particularly well received by critics and regarded as one of the greatest games of all time. Prior to Persona 5, the series had a huge following in Japan, but failed to reach […]Read More

Crafting Cognition: AI in Video Games

For as long as games have been worth playing, they have implemented at least some form of Artificial Intelligence, or AI. An integral part to the gaming world, examples can be found in almost every genre, from the enemies in classic shooters to the incessant ghosts in Pac-Man. However, despite the ubiquity of AI, it […]Read More

Gaming: Rediscovering The Sims During Isolation

It was about one week into lockdown boredom that I found myself scouring the internet for ‘things to do inside’. I unearthed a minefield of listicles suggesting that I do something productive such as clear out my wardrobe Marie Kondo-style, or get rid of the vanilla essence that’s been hiding at the back of my […]Read More

Game Review: Rebel Inc: Escalation

Released: October 2019 (Early Access) Rating: PEGI 7 (implied violence, mild violence) Corruption is skyrocketing, your development programs are stalled out, the army is deserting, the Americans want to leave…and your air force just caused immense collateral damage. Again.   Welcome to Rebel Inc: Escalation, Governor. What Is It? Rebel Inc: Escalation is a new-ish […]Read More

Uncharted Games Ranked

The Uncharted series is now, surprisingly, 13 years old. It remains one of the greatest selling PlayStation original series and one of the most acclaimed for the developer Naughty Dog.  It seems an apt time to rank the output of the series to date (excluding The Lost Legacy spin-off in 2017) and provide an overview […]Read More

Persona 5 Royal: Is It Worth Buying?

Persona 5 Royal was released worldwide on March 31 of this year and is an enhanced version of Persona 5, which is similar to Persona 4 Golden. The story follows a young man who is falsely accused of a crime and transferred to Tokyo to live out his probation. During his time at school, he […]Read More

The Month in Games – June 2020

Music battles, wild west adventures, tactical mastery and one of the most highly anticipated sequels are just some of the choices on offer to gamers this June. Valorant Battle lines are drawn in this action shooter. Valorant is a five-on-five tactical shooter where teams are tasked with detonating devices known as “spikes” in enemy territory […]Read More

Gaming: 6 Must-Own Games

Gaming Editors Mary Helen Josephine and Megan Roxburgh recommend some games to keep you entertained during lockdown Whether you’re interested in zombies, history, or physics, our must-own game selections have something to offer everyone. MARY HELEN JOSEPHINE’S PICKS Portal  Way back in 2007, which seems like a different lifetime, Valve Corporation bestowed upon the world […]Read More

Gaming: Dungeons and Decamerons

Storytelling has long been a means of survival. The cliffhangers in One Thousand and One Nights serve as a stay of execution for the condemned narrator. Proust wrote in the hope that destiny would continue to grant him another day of reprieve. And when the plague struck Florence in 1348, Boccaccio’s impulse to tell stories […]Read More

Gaming News: ‘Silent Hill’ Coming to ‘Dead by Daylight’

Coinciding with its four year anniversary celebrations, ‘Dead by Daylight’ has announced its latest update. In a livestream hosted by the game’s director, Matthew Cote of Behaviour Studios, the new chapter has been revealed to be a crossover collaboration with Konami in the form of ‘Silent Hill’. It will feature the iconic Pyramid Head and […]Read More