EA Forms New ‘The Sims 4’ Team Dedicated To Improving The “Core Game Experience”

©Electronic Arts/Maxis

Electronic Arts (EA) has formed a team to invest in the The Sims 4 “core game experience” after years of reported technical difficulties from players.

The developers acknowledged players’ frustrations within the game and pledged to tackle the reported concerns by increasing the number and frequency of fixes.

Players can expect new patches every two months, starting with one at the end of this month.

The official announcement states that EA will optimise memory usage to minimise crashes, improve frame rates, and ultimately create more responsive gameplay.

This month’s patch is expected to include several improvements to the base game and expansions such as Cats & Dogs, For Rent, High School Years and more.

The full patch notes are available on EA’s website under the “Laundry List,” a fitting title given the extensive to-do list.

Improvements range from “a trash can is required” to “campfire causes too many fires” and even changes to the game’s grilled cheese interactions.

Console players can also expect improvements, including fixing a red bar that appeared when switching to build mode from the world map.

Players have mixed reactions to the news, as many are optimistic about the future of the game while others are not as convinced.

The news comes at a surprising time not only because a dedicated team has just been formed 10 years into the game’s lifespan, but also because EA and Maxis have announced that The Sims 5, otherwise known as Project Rene, is in development.

Despite this, EA claims it is “more dedicated than ever to developing great The Sims 4 gameplay experiences into the foreseeable future.”

Additionally, EA has recently announced their “Season of Love” roadmap, which aims to bring two updates, two kits, and an expansion pack, all themed around romance, potentially indicating their commitment to enhancing The Sims 4 experience.

The Sims 4 is available now on PC and console.

Words by Libby Jennings

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