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Track Review: mars // Yungblud

Yungblud’s forthcoming album WEIRD! is self-described as being “like a series of Skins”, but perhaps Misfits is a better TV comparison: his new single ‘mars’ is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable in their skin. The track dropped on 27th November, ahead of the release of his new album, expected via Locomotion […]Read More

Blast from the Past: Back on Top // The Front

When bands beloved for their youthful disregard for dull convention that dictates that music must sound a certain way — that being off-key is bad, that aspiration should be beyond something to drunkenly yell along to while getting elbowed in a mosh pit — grow up, it can cause friction. When this coincides with their […]Read More

Album Review: Okay // As It Is

People have many different coping mechanisms when it comes to mental health- Patty Walters, lead singer of As It Is, turns to his music.  Okay is the Brighton-based band’s second studio album and was partially written by Patty during a rough patch whilst touring on the US run of Van’s Warped Tour in 2015. Writing […]Read More

Track Review: Trap Door // Seprona

Seprona are a Liverpool-based indie quartet with a very enticing, professional sound. They have played alongside bands such as The Vaccines and The Flaming Lips and are finding growing success with their fresh, invigorating sound. The contrast between the bright and pulsating band and the moody, Alex Turner-esque vocals contribute towards an interesting sound that captivates […]Read More

Track Review: I Don’t Wanna Be Sad // Simple Plan

Having not released an official single since 2012, it’s refreshing to know that Simple Plan are back. Although it wouldn’t take a genius to work out that their sound has drastically changed over the years, gradually becoming more pop rather than pop punk, their recent singles are a lot more upbeat to say the least. […]Read More

Single Review: I Don’t Like Who I Was Then //

From upcoming album No Closer To Heaven, ‘I Don’t Like Who I Was Then’ is the explosive new track from pop punk pioneers The Wonder Years. The third single from the South Philadelphia sextet, it follows up previous releases ‘Cardinals’ and ‘Cigarettes & Saints’. Opening with a distorted and definitive riff, The Wonder Years immediately stamp […]Read More

Track Review: Big Talk // Redlands

Through their latest track ‘Big Talk’, Denver quintet Redlands have offered up a gorgeous slice of American pop rock on their most recent EP Adventurer. Formed from various local Colorado bands in early 2014, The Vans Warped Tour hopefuls – namely Ben Lohle, Chase Martinez, Zach White, Brandon Ruckman and Taylor Macres – play “honest […]Read More

Single Review: Cigarettes & Saints // The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years are the kings of the pop punk genre; pioneers of the sound and preachers of a generation’s pain, the West Philadelphia sextet continue their reign with new single ‘Cigarettes & Saints’ which was released on July 31st. Opening softly, a mixture of ringing piano notes and subdued vocals, the song immediately resonates […]Read More

EP Review: Permanence // Homebound

A couple of years ago the closest thing the UK had to a pop-punk band was Kids in Glass Houses; before that it was Busted. There’s no surprise, then, in saying that the genre was, and still is, fundamentally American. It was not until the success of North-Wales band Neck Deep that loud chord-changing guitars […]Read More

Track Review: Gold Steps // Neck Deep

Over the past couple of years Welsh pop-punk pioneers Neck Deep have been taking both the UK and America by storm with their memorable and energetic teen anthems. Following up catchy and well-received Can’t Kick Up The Roots, Neck Deep dropped the second single from their upcoming album Life’s Not Out To Get You, ‘Gold […]Read More

5 Pop Punk Tracks That Will Change Your Outlook On

Everybody has one band that picked them up when they were down and taught them to carry on. Everybody has one band that changed their perspectives on what would otherwise be a possibly painful situation and teach them that maybe it will get better and they can work through the tough times. This is why […]Read More