Movie Monday: ‘Before I Fall’

Movie Monday: Film Recommendations By Our Contributors Death is an intriguing concept: it’s inevitable, yet we don’t know much about it until it eventually happens. Will the world just fall silent and go dark? Will we know that it’s coming, or will it be instant? For me, death is a concept that the Netflix original […]Read More

Track Review: deja vu // Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo has taken her ‘drivers license’ and is now going places in the music industry. Only three months after she broke the streaming charts with her debut single, comes the release of indie-pop song ‘deja vu’; the track precedes an eleven-track album set for release on 21 May (though the title and track list […]Read More

Bisexual Characters On TV: Stereotypes And Subversions

*SPOILERS AHEAD* For those of us who struggle to find pleasure in reading, we look to the screen as a means of escape. We long to hide away from normality and have a breath of freedom, whether it be in dystopian realms or historical eras. However, none of this would be possible without having a […]Read More

‘The Wilds’ Is A Love Letter To The Complexity Of

What seems worse, being stranded on a deserted tropical island or stuck in a global pandemic? I may have picked the pandemic, but after watching the ‘Unsinkable Eight’ struggle in The Wilds, I’d happily choose the comfort of my own home and luxuries; shark attacks, food poisoning, trauma, and lack of resources doesn’t sound all […]Read More

Track Review: drivers license // Olivia Rodrigo

It’s unbelievable that Olivia Rodrigo is only 17 given how much she has achieved in the past few years. From starring as Nini in Disney’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series to achieving gold status for her record ‘All I Want’, Rodrigo is a definite rising star. Now her first single has dropped and it is […]Read More

Pixar Announces Three New Animated Shows

After a highly successful Disney Investor Day, the animation studio Pixar has announced the addition of three new series to its repertoire. The first of these shows is Dug Days, a spin-off series of Up following the eventful life of the energetic dog Dug and his daily experiences. The animated series will feature a new […]Read More