EP Review: 6 Of A Billion // Claire Rosinkranz


Known for her brilliant introspections into teen life and the chaos that comes along with it, 17-year-old Claire Rosinkranz is a rising star on the indie-pop scene. Modernity and fallen romances come aplenty through soulful vocals and boppy lyrics set to resonate with teens and adults across the globe with new EP, 6 Of A Billion. Having already garnered adoration from a hefty following of loyal fans, Rosinkranz is well on her way to becoming the next lovelorn sensation—Billie Eilish better watch out.

Opening her second EP is lead track ‘Hotel’. Immediately demonstrating her ability to create infectious pop tracks, Rosinkranz’s prowess is more than visible through the use of her poetic lyricism and instrumental progression that occurs throughout. Smoothly transitioning into ‘Pretty Little Things’, it’s already incredibly clear that Rosinkranz has a mission statement—to surprise and delight with every note. In a ballad-like way, ‘Pretty Little Things’ takes a U-turn with soft vocals and finger clicks that make for a lush combination.

In a continuation of complete relatability and self-reflectiveness, ‘Boy In A Billion’ carries on the themes of romance and confessionalism in her call to finding “the one”. Despite the underlying message that your other half could be on another continent, the track is optimistic and heartfelt, featuring refreshing vocal nuances and harmonisation. Complete with sultry basslines and attitude-filled finger snaps, it’s clear to see that this is set to be something special.

The lead single and penultimate track, ‘Frankenstein’, is a quirky ode to Gen-Zs everywhere about fallen romances and being toyed around with, in a shout-out to broken hearts. Themes of compatibility and conviction are veined throughout in the surprisingly light-hearted bop. Rosinkranz’s cool and collected nature turns what could’ve been a heavy-rock attack on f*ck boys into a soothing syth-laden cut.

Closing the EP is the staccato-filled vocals of ‘LAX’. An ode to sticking on your headphones and taking in the world around you, Claire pays attention to the little things in life: “People watching’s an obsession / And I watch the man who’s in a rush / The mom who tells her baby hush / The couple who makes each other blush”. The overriding message? Don’t let life pass you by.

Rosinkranz’s latest EP is a phenomenal step forward and is sure to soundtrack the summer of many a loved-up teen.

Words by Alannah Williams

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