Gaming Theatre Experience Bridge Command To Open In 2024

bridge command
©Parabolic Theatre Company

Parabolic Theatre Company have created a new gaming theatre experience entitled Bridge Command.

The sci-fi story is set in the 22nd century, and participants will take on the role of the crew of a fully functioning starship. They will work as a team to fly the spaceship through various missions and defend humanity from disaster.

The custom-built set will be integrated with bridge simulation software, and events from the story—such as enemy attacks or engine malfunctions—will impact the set, which means participants do not need to wear any technology to be fully immersed in the environment.

The gaming experience will follow an episodic format, and decisions from missions will influence future events. However, stand-alone visits are also possible.

Owen Kingston, artistic director of Parabolic Theatre said: “We’re thrilled to announce that Bridge Command will open next year. We really think there’s nothing out there like this experience – the level of audience agency is extreme, and the stories we tell are full of the sort of moral complexity that science fiction does really well.

“The show also fosters a strong sense of community amongst participants, so whether you come as a group of friends or join with strangers you will be empowered as a group to be the best versions of yourselves and step up and be the heroes. What’s even better is that you can keep returning to experience a whole season of stories that place your team at the centre of the action’’

Bridge Command will open in 2024, but a short demo will be available to play at Comic Con in London’s Excel Centre on 28 and 29 October.

Words by Ellen Leslie

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