Hoverboards Are Finally Coming To Destiny 2


In the latest This Week in Destiny, Bungie Inc. released their plans for their next event. 

The Guardian Games All-Star Event will be available to play on 5 March 2024 until it finishes on 26 March 2024.

The most hyped of the plans is a long-awaited new type of mount. In Lightfall, Nimbus and Rohan teased us with hoverboards, and now players can use them too.

These new hoverboard mounts are called Skimmers and will be able to replace your tired old Sparrow. These Skimmers are able to perform a number of tricks, including grinding rails, and add to the fast-paced movement that Destiny 2 is known for. 

If you want to pick up a Skimmer, Bungie is giving all players access to Skimmers during Guardian Games 2024. Players should go to Eva Levante after completing the On-Boarding quest. Eva can be found in the courtyard of the Tower — near where you load in.

This gives you access to the free skimmer during the event. To keep the skimmer after the event, all you have to do is complete the Drop-In quest before the event ends.

The first Skimmer is called the All-Star Vector. This Skimmer is a grey hoverboard loaded with colourful decals that players stand on, instead of riding like a Sparrow.

Of course, as with all Destiny 2 content, players will be able to buy a Skimmer in the Eververse store. Bungie hasn’t said what design the skimmer will be, although it is ‘inspired by a beloved Destiny weapon’. 

This new content should bring some much-needed life back into Destiny 2 before The Final Shape is released at the start of June — concluding the end of Destiny 2’s first major saga. 

Destiny 2 is available to play on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation.

Words by Joseph Pearson

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