New ‘Lovestruck’ Expansion Pack Brings Romance to ‘The Sims 4’

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The Sims 4 is turning up the romance with its upcoming Lovestruck expansion pack, scheduled for release on July 25, 2024. This eagerly awaited pack promises swoon-worthy dates and a whirlwind of love in the picturesque city of Ciudad Enamorada.

This dreamy expansion pack reintroduces classic dating mechanics from The Sims 2 and adds a brand new Cupid’s Corner app. This innovative feature allows players to create dating profiles for their Sims, enabling them to explore attraction preferences, become Romance Consultants, and immerse themselves in a world brimming with love and passion.

Romantic Escapes in Ciudad Enamorada

Upon entering Ciudad Enamorada, players are greeted with the warm message, “Sul Sul, mi amor! Welcome to Ciudad Enamorada.” The city is divided into three picturesque neighbourhoods – Vista Hermosa, Plaza Mariposa, and Nuevo Corazón – each offering unique settings for unforgettable romantic encounters.

While Vista Hermosa features lush gardens and scenic walking paths, perfect for intimate strolls, Plaza Mariposa offers a suburban residential vibe, and Nuevo Corazón boasts upscale venues and luxurious penthouse suites. Whether enjoying a botanical garden-style café/bar, dancing the night away at Mirador del Amor or stealing kisses by the picturesque Wall of Love, every corner of Ciudad Enamorada is designed to spark romance.

As Sims explores these neighbourhoods, they will discover the new Singles Hangout lot trait, attracting Sims ready to mingle. From cosy dive bars like Laguna del Abrazo to romantic parks and upscale venues, Sims can bond over activities like playing games, going to the gym for sweaty makeout sessions, sharing meals, stargazing, and cuddling.

Cupid’s Corner: A New Way to Match

A standout feature of the Lovestruck Expansion Pack is the Cupid’s Corner app. Sims can create dating profiles and snap selfies to find potential matches based on their preferences. According to EA’s press statement, Sims can browse through potential partners in the Matches tab and save their favourites to start conversations.

The new date planning system, “Ask to Create a Date,” allows players to craft personalized dates ranging from picnics in the park to sultry dances and intimate make-out sessions. Additionally, players can choose venues and activities and even invite other Sims to create memorable experiences.

Romantic Dynamics

The Lovestruck expansion pack introduces four types of romantic dynamics: Wholesome, Steamy, Strained, and Unpredictable. Wholesome dynamics indicate genuine affection, while Steamy dynamics focus on physical intimacy. Strained dynamics reveal underlying tension and Unpredictable dynamics capture the highs and lows of tumultuous relationships.

Sims will also develop their Romance Skill, unlocking new interactions like a make-out session or a romantic neck kiss. As they continue to socialize, they’ll learn to emotionally connect with partners and discover what attracts or repels them.

Attraction and Compatibility

Attraction in The Sims 4 Lovestruck Expansion Pack determines how well Sims match romantically. Sims have specific Turn-ons and Turn-offs – traits, clothing styles, behaviours, and more – which influence their attraction and relationship satisfaction. For example, a Sim might love receiving a sweet gift but dislike gardening. Understanding these preferences helps players make informed decisions and nurture fulfilling relationships with their Sims.

Romantic Aspirations and Fears

The Lovestruck Expansion Pack offers Sims new pathways with romantic aspirations like Paragon Partner and Romantic Explorer. Additionally, two new traits – Romantically Reserved and Lovebug – add depth to Sims’ personality, defining their approach to love. Romantically Reserved Sims take time to build connections, while Lovebugs dive into relationships wholeheartedly, risking unrequited love.

The expansion also introduces new fears: Fear of Intimacy and Fear of Being Alone. Sims can seek counselling and engage with partners to alleviate these fears. Players can also pursue careers as Romance Consultants, earning heart-shaped rewards as they advance in their careers.

Special Offer

If you purchase the Lovestruck Expansion Pack between June 27 to September 5, you’ll have access to Heartbreak Happens Digital Content, featuring ‘Cry Me a River’ eyeliner, the new ‘Herbert Heart’ Plushie and ‘Basic Breakup’ Double Bed. Preorder The Sims 4 Lovestruck Expansion Pack here, available to play on PC via EA app™, Mac® via Origin, Epic Games Store and Steam®, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One systems.

Watch the official reveal trailer for The Sims 4 Lovestruck Expansion Pack here:

Words by Khushboo Malhotra

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