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Online Course: How To Create A Professional Sounding Podcast – For Free!



In this online course, professional podcaster Harry Robinson walks you through the process of planning, creating and launching a professional sounding podcast with absolutely zero costs. In the course Harry covers:


  • What types of podcasts are there?
  • Planning your theme and topic
  • Naming your podcast
  • Planning the structure of your podcast
  • Where can you upload your podcast?


  • Free equipment
  • £££ equipment – optional
  • Recording a two-person podcast over the internet
  • Presentational tips – what a podcast host should and shouldn’t do
  • Setting up your environment for the best sound quality


  • Making your voice sound good – how to create macros and how to reduce noise
  • How to find free music
  • Using shortcuts
  • Branding your podcast


  • Podcast platforms
  • How to get listens

For the £20 cost of this course, you get access to all of the above information – for as long as you need it – as well as a downloadable planning template and podcast recording checklist. You can also ask Harry any questions you have about podcasting.

About Harry: Harry Robinson is a freelance football journalist and historian who reports on Manchester United, the club’s history and its academy. He has bylines in The Independent, FourFourTwo, MUNDIAL, United We Stand, GRV Media and The Squall and has appeared on a large selection of podcasts including some work with Premier League Productions.

Over the last five years he has worked on and produced a wide range of podcasts. His two own podcasts are United Through Time and the Manchester United Weekly Podcast.

United Through Time is a football history show with hour-long immersive documentary-style episodes. The Manchester United Weekly Podcast is a standard-format podcast with 35-minute episodes, two hosts and a number of sections focusing on different going-ons in the world of Manchester United. It has an all-time listenership of 750,000 and more than 200 five-star reviews.

Away from podcasting, Harry is currently working as Editor-in-Chief at a Premier League and Champions League-accredited sports website, VAVEL UK, working with and managing hundreds of student sports writers to produce up to 1000 articles and 20 podcasts per month. In 2019, Harry spent a few months living in South America and working as a football coach in both Bogotá, Colombia and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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The Indiependent is committed to making the world of journalism a more inclusive place. If for any reason you can’t afford the cost of this course please email [email protected] and at our discretion we will provide a discounted or free copy.


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