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Online Course: Get To Grips With Gaming Features



In this online course, freelance journalist Matt Bassil helps you get to grips with gaming features.

Matt covers:

  • What is a feature?
  • Why should new games journalists pitch features?
  • How to generate games feature ideas
  • Gathering sources for gaming features
  • How to pitch your feature ideas
  • General pitching advice
  • Best games sites to pitch to

For the £15 cost of this course, you get access to all of the above information as well as a chance to ask Matt any questions you might have about gaming features.

About Matt: Matt Bassil is a freelance journalist covering technology and games. He has written for Rock Paper Shotgun, The Face, Dicebreaker, Tabletop Gaming, and more.

The Indiependent is committed to making the world of journalism a more inclusive place. If for any reason you can’t afford the cost of this course please email [email protected] and at our discretion we will provide a discounted or free copy.


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