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‘My First Summer’ Is A Surreal Yet Wholesome Teen Romance:

My First Summer was just one of many excellent productions on offer at this year’s BFI Flare festival. Yet writer-director Katie Found’s debut feature really stands out from the crowd, mainly because of just how beautiful the Australian production is. This film is (almost) everything a teen romance should be: sweet, wholesome, grounded in the reality […]Read More

Here Are The Best Short Films of BFI Flare 2021

The BFI Flare Festival, which took place from 17 to 28 March 2021, showcased a wide range of incredible films from across the globe. With a sole focus on LGBTIQ+ narratives and stories, both fiction and factual, BFI Flare brought lesser-known stories to the forefront over its two-week calendar. Features such as Rūrangi, Sweetheart and […]Read More

Uplifting ‘Well Rounded’ Slightly Misses The Mark: BFI Flare Review

Directed by Shana Myara, Well Rounded is easily one of the most colourful entries at 2021’s BFI Flare Festival. The documentary’s mission: to tell as many plus-sized people as possible that their bodies are beautiful, and that—as Kimmortal’s ‘Sad Femme Club’ repeatedly tells us—“Baby, you are enough”. Trigger Warning: this review contains mentions of r*pe. […]Read More

‘Tove’—A Portrait Of The Artist On Her Own Terms: BFI

Tove, a new biopic of Tove Jansson—famous for creating the children’s comic book characters the Moomins—explores a pivotal decade in the artist’s life. The film, directed by Zaida Bergroth, is set in Helsinki in the decade following VE Day and follows Tove experimenting with her sexuality and her art.  Early on in the film, our protagonist […]Read More

‘Boy Meets Boy’ — A Sobering Drama About The Reality

Boy Meets Boy, the debut directorial feature from Daniel Sánchez López, does everything in its power to subvert your expectations of what a romance film is. From the silent, languid opening scene to its melancholic and sobering ending, Boy Meets Boy is an experience that shows love how it really is, rather than how Hollywood […]Read More

‘Firebird’ Is Familiar, But Affecting: BFI Flare Review

Tom Prior and Oleg Zagorodnii star as Soviet Air Force soldiers grappling with sexual tension and professional pride in Peeter Rebane’s debut feature. But with its familiar structure and sanitized approach, Firebird is perhaps enthralling to a fault. Based on a true story, Estonian director Peeter Rebane first discovered Sergey Fetiso when he read his […]Read More