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Book Review: Boy Parts // Eliza Clark

Trigger warning: rape, assault  Let’s play a word association game, shall we. If I say ‘model’, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Perhaps you think of a tall, leggy Victoria’s secret model. Maybe you think of transgender model Munroe Bergdorf and her racism row with L’Oreal. Or maybe your mind goes to […]Read More

Britain’s Treatment of Spain is Reactive and Irresponsible

On Saturday 25 July, the UK government announced that those returning from Spain would face a 14 day self-isolation period, effective from Monday 27 July. This comes after reports of spikes across the country, particularly in the cities of Barcelona, Zaragoza and Madrid. But the story has stayed in the minds of many as a […]Read More

The Problem with Peterson’s ‘Cultural Marxism’

Jordan Peterson is one of the largest forefront thinkers in Canada. You probably know his name from his recent book ‘The 12 Rules for Life’ or his lesser-known but more important work ‘Maps of Meaning’. If not, you may probably know him as the professor that ‘owned’ a Channel 4 news anchor in a viral […]Read More

Theatre News: Culture Minister Reveals Plans For Theatres To Safely

MP Caroline Dinenage has elaborated on the government’s plans for reopening theatres, announcing they will open ‘very shortly’ once safety measures have been tested. Speaking on Sky News, Dinenage revealed that the government “very shortly want to be able to announce theatres indoors but with social distancing”, adding that they have “always taken a very […]Read More

The Government’s Roadmap To Reopen Theatres: A Package Of Empty

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, and subsequent lockdowns around the world, has impacted on everyone. Every aspect of our lives has been changed radically – and many people have suffered as a result. The industry most disproportionately affected by Coronavirus is the arts and culture sector. Theatres and cultural venues across the UK were […]Read More

Film Review: The Vast of Night

Decoding is arguably the most important step in the communication process, because in spite of the very human proclivity to never shut up, all the communicating we think is happening is pointless if the decoding, or listening, rather, fails.  A message is conjured from thoughts by the sender who encodes what they need to say […]Read More

What Does the Future Hold for LGBTQ+ Spaces?

It is easy to feel bleak about the future of queer spaces. According to UCL research, 58% of LGBTQ+ bars in London closed their doors between 2006 -2016. The main reason for this was found to be development, the sanitisation and gentrification of the capital. And London isn’t the only place that has been affected; […]Read More

Film News: Amanda Seyfried and Lily Collins join Gary Oldman

Award-winning director David Fincher (Fight Club, The Social Network) took a small film-directing hiatus after the release of the shocking and eerie psychological thriller Gone Girl. During the five-year gap, he joined Tim Miller (Deadpool) in producing Love, Death & Robots, a Netflix adult animated sci-fi, as well as directing some episodes of the TV […]Read More

Theatre Review: Listen, You Can Hear The Sound Of No

Ponder Theatre’s fifty-minute production of Listen, You Can Hear The Sound Of No Hands Clapping is written and directed by Melanie Noa Jehan, who devised her script by adapting John Milton’s Paradise Lost into an “avant-garde history play”. The piece follows six era-defining historical figures, such as Homer and Katherine Parr, who explore well-known works […]Read More

Obituary: The Giant Who Stole All The Tonys, Harold Prince

No single figure in modern, popular theatre has been associated with the amount of ground-breaking theatrical hits that Broadway director and producer Harold Prince has. After passing away at the age ninety-one, working just under seventy years in the industry, he has left us with an unparalleled legacy of political and musical masterworks to enjoy, […]Read More

Film News: First Wave Of TIFF Films Announced

The first announcement from the prestigious Toronto Film Festival has just dropped, and there are some huge names and hotly-anticipated films on the list. The festival is one of the largest in terms of attendance, attracting half a million people each year, and its publicly-voted People’s Choice Award is often an early signifier for what […]Read More

Film News: ‘Green Book’ wins the People’s Choice Award at

This year, the People’s Choice Award went to Green Book directed by Peter Farrelly. Award-winning actors Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen star in the film, which tells the story of a working-class Italian-American bouncer who takes a job chauffeuring an African American classical pianist across the American South in the 1960s. The first runner-up was Barry Jenkins’ […]Read More