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Short Film Review: ‘Sandals’

Here at The Indiependent, we are always aiming to support independent and up-and-coming artists, and the first short film from Kennedy Space Club; entitled Sandals, is to put it simply, cool as hell. It’s safe to say this bunch of young creatives have their heads firmly screwed on, and Sandals exhibits a unique way of […]Read More

The History And Future Of Fashion

“History always repeats itself”, a common trope and a popular one. Most people use it to moan about politics or ponder it when a friend forgives a cheating boyfriend. But not many realise its force in the fashion industry, a place where it has never been more suited. We all know that politics repeats itself. […]Read More

Style in Film: Mark Renton

The ’90s were an interesting time for both film and fashion. There was a lot of denim, a lot of plaid and in 1996 we also had the release of Trainspotting, the brilliant adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s book that follows a group of young heroin addicts in Edinburgh. At the centre of the film is our antihero […]Read More

Kylie Jenner: The Latest Scoop

August 10th marks the youngest sister of the Kardashian/Jenner clan’s 18th birthday and, unsurprisingly, it wasn’t your typical teenager’s birthday bash. The stunning now 18 year old has been anticipating her age of adulthood for quite some time now, dating back months ago when she decided to purchase a mansion that topped over 20 some […]Read More

Haute Hippy – This Season’s 70s Style.

There is change in the air. Last season’s sleeves suddenly got longer, flares were matched with jumpers of a new length, and we saw shearling boots, pompoms and whimsical florals grace the catwalks. They say fashion goes in cycles, and looking at the spring/summer catwalks this year, it seems safe to say that designers have […]Read More

Glastonbury – No longer all about the music?

Forget the music, Glastonbury is following in the footsteps of American festival, Coachella, by turning into a three-day mud infested fashion show. By no means the largest catwalk ever – Glastonbury is 8.5 miles in perimeter- the fields are awash with numerous high-profile celebrities, posing in their designer clothes. Snaps are uploaded onto the Mail […]Read More

Conforming to Non-Conformity: The Decline and Fall of the Hipster

It is a simple fact – internationally acknowledged – that trends work in circles. Something which gains popularity until it becomes considered as “cool” will inevitably become so cool that it will regress into becoming “un-cool”. The explanation is simple: people who reach beyond the norm and embrace things which are considered unpopular tend to […]Read More

Style in Film: Mia Wallace

Pulp Fiction is not only an iconic film – it is also the face of iconic fashion. In the throes of the post-modernist phenomenon, its central femme Mia is symbolic of the concepts of mystery and the unknown. Played by Uma Thurman, Mia Wallace has been an inspiration to the style and image of many young […]Read More

Fall Fashion Forecasting: the 1970s

While trends from the past decades have been making appearances in more recent lines, one of the major themes this fall is the rebirth of the 1970s. I’m not suggesting you dig out your mother’s old bellbottom jeans (in fact, please don’t), but it could be beneficial to source her old pictures from the 70s […]Read More

The Power Of The Miniskirt

When I think of the breakthrough of the miniskirt in the 1960s, the first image that springs to my mind is that of the final scene in the musical, Hairspray. Tracy Turnblad emerges wearing a monochrome mini dress and almost stuns the other female characters into tripping over the voluminous layers of petticoats under their 1950s […]Read More