The Month in Games – March 2020


Among March’s gaming releases will be the chance for players to save the world, explore feudal Japan, take a trip with a few spirits, battle against demons with an island paradise and a beloved franchise making a welcome return in VR.

Ori and The Will of the Wisps

Take another trip through beautiful landscapes in this adventure sequel. Following on from the adventures in the Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of The Wisps takes the titular Guardian Spirit on a new adventure. Accompanied by a young owl, Ori must travel beyond the forests of Nibel to uncover the truth about a group known as the Lost Ones, while also discovering the truth about Ori’s own destiny.

The Collector’s Edition includes a copy of the game, SteelBook case with a Golden Feather motif, The Art of Ori and the Will of The Wisps book, Piano Collections soundtrack CD and a digital copy of the game’s soundtrack.

Ori and The Will of The Wisps will be available on Xbox One from March 11*

Nioh 2

History awaits in this samurai prequel. Nioh 2 will put players into a nation at war in the late 1500s. Playing the offspring of a human and a yokai spirit living in Mino Province, players will battle against ferocious yokai on the battlefield. After one such battle, however, the player will find their powers altered – with only the presence of a wanderer by the name of Tokichiro serving as a calming influence over them. Together, players will work with this enigmatic figure as they protect and untie their homeland.

Players who pre-order the game will receive a Nioh PS4 theme and unlock the Demon Horde Armour and Sudama Netsuke Charm to use in-game. The Special Edition includes a copy of the game, SteelBook case, The Art of Nioh 2 book and the Season Pass. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes the game, all the pre-order bonuses, Season Pass, Demon Horde weapon set, Kodama Netsuke charm, an additional PS4 theme and a PSN Avatar Set.

Nioh 2 will be available on PlayStation 4 from March 13*

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Build your dream island in the latest from the Animal Crossing franchise. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons players will set off for a deserted island after purchasing a vacation package from Tom Nook. Upon arriving, it will be up to the player to craft what they need to build their new home and create their own little piece of paradise. Players will be able to bring new and old characters to their islands to build a community, with island climates, and the challenges they will bring to islanders, being created based on the player’s real-world location.

Along with the release of the game, Nintendo will also be releasing a limited-edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch bundle. This bundle will include a specially designed Switch console and dock along with Animal Crossing themed Joy-Con and a download code for the game. In addition, an Animal Crossing themed wireless Switch controller will also be available for players to purchase.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be available on Nintendo Switch from March 20*

Doom Eternal

Grab your BFG and get ready to fight for humanity in this action-packed sequel. Doom Eternal puts players in the middle of a battle for Earth, which has been overrun by demonic forces. Once again assuming the mantle of Doom Slayer, players must fight back the hordes to protect what remains of humanity. With new and old enemies to fight, Doom Eternal will also bring players additional challenges, such as the 2v1 PVP Battlemode and Invasion – a post-launch mode which will allow players to invade each other’s campaigns fighting on the side of the demons.

Players who pre-order will receive the Rip and Tear Pack, which includes a Throwback Shotgun weapon skin, Doot Revenant skin, a bonus campaign master level and a digital copy of Doom 64. The Deluxe Edition includes a copy of the game, a Year One pass, Demonic Slayer skin and a Classic Weapons sound pack. The Collector’s Edition will feature all of the digital content from the Deluxe Edition along with an exclusive SteelBook, The Gift of Argent Power Lithograph, a Lore Book from ID Software, digital copies of the Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal soundtrack and a wearable Doom Slayer Helmet.

Doom Eternal will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC from March 20*

One Piece: Pirate Warrior 4

The quest for treasure continues in the latest Pirate Warriors release. As part of his ongoing quest to become King of the Pirates, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 continues the story of Luff and The Straw Hat Pirates as they try to find the location of the One Piece – the most illustrious piece of treasure in the world. With over 40 playable characters taken from the pages on the One Piece manga, players will be able to play their own way, with the new Titan mode offering more strategic based gameplay for those looking for a new challenge.

Players who pre-order will receive an early unlock of the Vinsmoke Brothers – Ichiji, Niji and Yonji – as well as two exclusive costumes. The Collector’s Edition will contain a copy of the game, an exclusive 30cm LED Diorama in a collector’s box and four additional Day One Land of Wano costumes – Onami, Zorojuro, Luffytaro and Soba Mask.

One Piece: Pirate Warrior 4 will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch from March 21*

Half-Life: Alyx

Join the battle against the Combine in this VR title. Set prior to the events of Half-Life 2, Half Life-: Alyx puts players in the role of Alyx Vance, an adept hacker who is working with her father to try and stop the alien invasion in the aftermath of the Seven Hour War. Using VR technology, players will be able to explore the Half-Life universe in more depth than ever before. A new, full-length story awaits players looking to head to City 17 and discover some of the lesser-known pieces to this iconic franchise’s lore.

Players who already own a Valve Index headset or controllers – or who purchase the hardware before March 23 – will receive Half-Life: Alyx for free at launch and be able to access bonus features and items – including new environments to explore in SteamVR Home, alternate gun skins to use in-game as well as receiving special Half-Life: Alyx themed content for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Half-Life: Alyx will be available on PC from March 23*

Free to Play

Xbox Gold members will have four new titles to download and play for free this month. On Xbox One Batman: The Enemy Within – The Complete Season will be available from March 1-31*, with Shantae: Half-Genie Hero available from Mach 16 – April 15*. On Xbox 360, and Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 will be available from March 1-15*, followed by Sonic Generations from March 16-31*

PlayStation Plus member will have two new titles to download and play for free this month. From March 3*, Shadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces will be available on PlayStation 4. In addition, PS Plus member will also be able to experience Predator: Hunting Grounds ahead of its April release with a free trial weekend from March 27-29*

Over on Twitch Prime, users will be able to claim five free games this month. From March 2* Furi, Epistory Typing Chronicles, Whispers of a Machine, Mugsters and Bomber Crew will be available for those who have connected their Twitch account to a valid Amazon Prime subscription. Full details on how to claim these games can be found on the Twitch Prime website.

Also Released This Month

March 3* – Curse of the Dead Gods (PC – Steam Early Access), The Division 2: Warlords of New York Expansion (Xbox One, PS4, PC), Hypergalactic Psychic Table Tennis 3000 (PC)

March 4* – Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly (Xbox One, PC, Switch), Bombing Quest (PC), Infini (PC, Mac)

March 5* – Murder by Numbers (Switch), Broomstick League (PC), The Longing (PC, Mac, Linus)

March 6* – Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (Switch), Yes, Your Grace (PC), Murder by Numbers (PC), Breeder Homegrown: Director’s Cut (PS4, Switch), Carly and the Reaperman: Escape from the Underworld (PS4)

March 9* – Hover (Xbox One, Switch)

March 12* – A Street Cat’s Tale (Switch), Bless Unleashed (Xbox One), Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (PC), Inbento (Switch), Kana Quest (PC), Light Trail Rush (PC), Overpass (Switch)

March 13* – My Hero One’s Justice 2 (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch), Dead or School (PS4, Switch), Langrisser I & II (PS4, PC, Switch), Stela (PC, Switch), Doctor Who: The Edge of Time (PSVR), Hell Warders (PS4, Switch)

March 17* – La Mulana 1 & 2: Hidden Treasures Edition (Xbox One, PS4, Switch), MLB: The Show (PS4)

March 19* – The Pale City (PC), TT Isle of Man – Ride on The Edge 2 (Xbox One, PS4)

March 20* – Doom 64 (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch), SuperEpic (PS4, Switch)

March 24* – Moons of Madness (Xbox One, PS4), Bleeding Edge (Xbox One, PC), Element: Space (Xbox One, PS4)

March 26* – Down the Rabbit Hole (PS VR, Steam VR, Oculus), Ara Fell (Xbox One, PS4, Switch, iOS, Android), Legend of Keepers (PC)

March 27* – Saints Row 4: Re-Elected (Switch), Fishing Sim World Pro Tour Collector’s Edition (Xbox One, PS4), Granblue Fantasy Versus (PS4), Guacamelee! One-Two Punch Collection (PS4, Switch), Gigantosaurus (Xbox One, PS4, Switch), Flashback/Another World (Xbox One, PS4, Switch)

March 29* – TY the Tasmanian Tiger (Switch)

March 31* – Persona 5 Royal (PS4), Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord (PC – Steam Early Access), The Complex (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch), Operencia: The Stolen Sun (PS4, PC, Switch)

*Dates refer to UK release only. International dates may vary and are subject to change. Information correct at time of writing.

Words by Megan Roxburgh.


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