Track Review: Without a Gun // Ruby Gaines

Glasgow songstress Ruby Gaines’ second single ‘Without a Gun’, released via hometown label ICEBLINK LUCK, could be from many eras of music. Driving guitar lines, melodic bass and dazed vocals give the track an undeniably retro feel, but with a lyrically modern gloss in its approach to anxiety and mental health. Written when the now 27-year old Gaines was just 17, ‘Without a Gun’ is testament to her songwriting prowess and the ongoing relevance of feelings of isolation.

“I had forgotten about this song over the years, but it has crept its way back into my life without any prior warning,” she shares, “This song was written about the abandonment I felt in that time of my life when my father had committed suicide and I had no friends. I was teenage angst 3000 and the song’s moodiness is here to stay. Now seems right to get it out there whilst it still lingers.”


Having drawn comparisons to Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple and Billie Holiday, Ruby Gaines is touted to be one of the most unique artists coming out of Scotland at the moment. ‘Without a Gun’ feels like it’s just the beginning.

Words by Kristen Sinclair

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