Trailers Released For ‘House of the Dragon’


House of the Dragon season two has been a long time coming. The finale of season one was only a year and a half ago, and yet for fans of the show, the wait seems to have lasted forever. And now, theres finally some news: two trailers have been released for the second season of the show, ensuring excitment for the season to come. And if two trailers weren’t enough to create excitement, House of the Dragon has a release date. On June 16, audiences all over the world will tune in on HBO Max and travel back in time to Westeros for an adventure like no other.

Team Black or Team Green? If you are a House of the Dragon fan, you will immediately have an answer to this question. As the war increasingly appears inevitable and approaching, two clear factions formed at the end of season one: the Greens, who support Aegon Targaryen’s claim to the throne, and the Blacks, supporting Rheanyra’s. The previous season of the HBO show made every character—and incidentally every fan—choose their side in the ‘Dance of the Dragons’. House of the Dragon season two seems to already embrace the animosity between the two opposing factions by releasing two trailers that remind the audience that “all must choose,” as both trailers helpfully remind us.

The Black trailer focuses on Rheanyra and the people who fight for her, including fan favourite Daemon Targaryen, with swords and dragons. On the opposite side, there is Aegon who is the protagonist of the Green trailer, and his supporters (first and foremost Alicent Hightower and Christian Cole) as they are getting ready for the most famous wars in the Game of Thrones universe.

Interestingly, the Black trailer seems to have more views than the Green one, at least looking at the official HBO Max YouTube account: is this a sign that audiences have taken Rheanyra’s side in House of the Dragon? We will have to wait until the second season comes out to see who wins the fans’ favour and, more importantly, who is going to win the Dance of the Dragons in the end.

In the meantime, stream the first season of House of the Dragon on Sky in the UK.

Words by Clotide Chinnici

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