EP Review: Outlaw // DEVORA


Born and raised in the deserts of Arizona, DEVORA bridges country melodies with dark pop hooks that immerse you into her surrealist western world. Her debut EP titled Outlaw was released in June and celebrates her life in the fast lane, while marking the beginnings of a wild expedition ahead.

The five-track EP features dark and ambient melodies, snappy guitar tones, sinister soundscapes and a taste of country rock that sends you on an epic journey through the Wild West, re-imagined in 2021.

Goth Dolly Parton

Describing herself as the “goth Dolly Parton” on her Instagram, the young female singer has crafted her very own niche in the country-rock genre.

Coining the genre ‘outlaw pop’, DEVORA can be described as ghost town pop meets femme fatale, but she can better be classified as western goth rock with some subtle indie/alternative undertones.

The title track ‘Outlaw’ is a moody yet upbeat track that expresses her rebellious spirit with confident vocals and driving rhythm. She stresses the importance of choosing your own adventure through a lyric in the chorus “I wasn’t living until I was an outlaw”.

‘Fist Fight’ and ‘Body Bag’ are two songs from the EP that really stand out. Featuring tales of eerie backroad encounters, route 66, and neon-laden casinos, both these tracks remain consistently rock-driven and distinct, but never too aggressive on the ears—making them ideal for your ‘chill rock’ playlist.

The fourth track ‘Not Dead Yet’ was released as her debut single in 2020 and explores her eagerness to ride off into a “pitch-black sunset” and perhaps best illustrates an artistic experience of the modern wild west. By far the heaviest and explosive sounding of the EP, the tune encapsulates her struggle of discovering her own identity in a crazy and ever-changing world.

Things then begin to wind down with the final and most underrated song of the EP, ‘Elvis’. This is a mellow number with softer and more delicate guitar tones and vocals but leaves listeners wanting more, evoking images of the open road and reckless tales of love and loss.

DEVORA’s fierce femme fatale spirit has not only seemingly carved a path for new artists to explore the ‘outlaw pop’ genre in years to come, but also formed a new frontier in contemporary western culture. She is a real trailblazer, and she has walked so future ‘outlaw pop’ artists can run.

Words by Kristian Bayford

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