EP Review: Seven Shades of Heartbreak // Mimi Webb


Ahead of her 2022 UK and European tour, Mimi Webb has released her debut EP Seven Shades of Heartbreak. After the success of previous singles ‘Good Without’, ‘Dumb Love’ and ’24/5’, a complete EP is what many fans have been eagerly anticipating – and its formidable honesty, and lyrical vulnerability, is what makes it worth the wait.

Beautifully demonstrating that there is art in heartbreak, the seven track EP tells the tale of memories that you wouldn’t expect. She comments that “I wanted to put together a body of work that told a story from beginning to end, allowing me to retell experiences I’ve been through. These seven songs are really personal and it feels very special to be able to share them with the world as part of Seven Shades of Heartbreak.”

Opening the EP is ‘Dumb Love’, a previously released single which has already proved to be a hit. It encapsulates the themes covered in each of the tracks that follow – heartbreak, youth, love and loss. The variety in tempo seems to effortlessly represent the love she describes: “That kind that cuts you up inside // My blood was your love.” 

Despite the sanguine atmosphere and upbeat tempo, lyrically, the EP presents a sombre undertone. In ‘Good Without’, she shares the overwhelming pain of youth heartbreak, singing: “Never thought I’d see the shape of pain, standing in my porch light.” The striking melodies compliment her admirable vocal range which is only just the start of her talent.

Once reaching the mid point of the EP, it’s incredibly clear how Mimi has become the first UK female artist since Dua Lipa in 2017 to land two singles in the UK Top 15 before the release of her debut album. From an artist so far in the youth of their career, she provides a sound so refreshing that anyone who has experienced the ups and downs of heartbreak can unequivocally relate to.

It’s rare for the final track of an EP to undeniably feel like it has achieved full-circle, but ‘Lonely in Love’ wraps up the seven tracks faultlessly. Leaving the listener on a poignant note, the melancholy melody hears her trying to reignite a spark that is too far dimmed. She sings “Can you just stay one night? Tell me you’ll change your mind…”

To many critics, women writing about heartbreak can be misjudged as surface-level and monotonous, but Seven Shades of Heartbreak has ensured Mimi Webb is at the front of the long list of artists who disprove this. There is beauty in the candour of her experiences that will be well received by fans around the globe. 

With a debut EP and tour gaining incredible levels of adoration and support, Mimi’s future releases can only go from strength to strength. 

Words by Chloe Menesse

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