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Everything You Need To Know About Building a Portfolio

2017 was the worst year of my life. Having finished college with A-levels a hair’s width from failure, I decided that my best bet would be finding a programming apprenticeship with the little knowledge I had attained. I was somehow even less successful than you’d expect. However, I was able to learn something from this […]Read More

Mural, Mural On The Wall, Which Is The Fairest Of

Walking around Northern Ireland, but particularly Belfast, you cannot help but notice the multitude of murals across the city. Whilst there are so many, I don’t think this article can credibly suggest ‘which is the fairest of them all.’ Nor can the murals’ narrative be seen as a fairy tale. But it will certainly highlight […]Read More

Does Art Require a Social Purpose?

“The idea of ‘art for art’s sake’ is as strange in our times as ‘science for science’s sake’. All human activities must serve mankind if they are not to remain useless and idle occupations,” Russian philosopher Nikolay Chernyshevsky once said.  To “serve mankind”, Chernyshevsky implies, is to assist the development of man’s consciousness and improve […]Read More

How Physics and Art Collide Through the 4th Dimension

The fields of art history and physics don’t often brush shoulders. Students of these subjects at uni only ever see each other at graduation; there is very little similarity between manipulating mathematical equations and studying the composition of a Monet landscape. Calculus was never explored by Cezanne.Read More

The Turner Prize 2016: Bottoms Up Or A Load Of

As a rule, the historic Turner Prize (established in 1984 for any medium of visual art) has always attracted criticism, if not controversy. This year’s exhibition was no different, with accomplished art critic Michael Gove railing against its ‘ugliness, nihilism and narcissism’ in a Twitter tirade which also succeeded in misspelling the name of the […]Read More

In Focus: A Panel On Music Photography

Ever wondered what it’s like being a music photographer? Well, look no further. This weekend House Of Vans is presenting In Focus: A Panel On Music Photography, an exclusive insight into the life of a music photographer. Bringing in a group of esteemed music photographers from the music industry, the panel will discuss their most memorable […]Read More

Best of Art Basel 2016

Since 1970 Art Basel has been a hub for contemporary and modern art, bringing together museum directors, curators and a growing international audience of art enthusiasts. Now, over 40 years later, the fair has expanded, taking place three times annually in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami Beach. The 47th edition of Art Basel kicked off […]Read More

Piece Of The Week: Sick Film // Martin Creed

Sick Film, created in 2006 by Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed, does what it says on the tin. The work is a series of videos which sees a variety of people walking into clean white rooms and proceeding to shove their fingers down their throats in order to force themselves to vomit. It’s everything […]Read More

Single Review: ArmageddingItOn // Diagonal People

Art-music fusionists, Diagonal People have dropped their debut single. ‘ArmageddingItOn’ is an enticingly visualistic experience, even when your eyes aren’t glued to the rarefied video accompanying their first track. These Swindonian art freaks go beyond the conventions, creating another-worldly sound. I can’t quite pin it down to anything yet, but the sonic vibrations and fluid, primeval […]Read More

Why should fashion be considered an art form?

I came across photos of Christopher Kane’s most recent collection the other day, and they reminded me why fashion should be considered an art form. Kane has been a powerhouse in the British fashion industry for years, and is known for creating some fairly wacky yet beautiful pieces. Fine Art and Fashion are both concerned […]Read More

Reclaiming retro with Teletext Art: Interview

It’s one of the great ironies of our time that the twenty-first century – envisaged as a space-age era of flying cars and underwater cities – loves nothing better than a bit of dewy-eyed gazing at the twentieth century. One man who may be able to tell you that better  than most is digital artist […]Read More

Artists need your support online, so help them by crediting

We’ve probably all shared a photo we’ve found online somewhere. Maybe it was a cool illustration, a really beautiful photograph, or an impressive painting, and we have probably at least once not given credit to whom created it. Of course this isn’t done with malice, but what people don’t realise it does a huge disservice […]Read More