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Single Review: Magnolia Mansion // BARBUDO

‘Magnolia Mansion’ is the new groove infused single from the dynamic duo, BARBUDO. This track exudes everything you could want from a dreamy disco super hit and combines modern sounds to create something memorable and instantly appealing. ‘Magnolia Mansion’ was released on the 2nd of October but if you haven’t heard it, here are some reasons […]Read More

Single Review: Love Collides // Shambolics

‘It’s alright, I’ll be there by your side’ is just one of the amazing lines in Shambolics’ new single ‘Love Collides’. Flooded with sentiments of longing, the heartbreak song will guarantee to make more people fall for the Fife-based band and their music. The Scottish indie band, Shambolics, released their new single ‘Love Collides’ on […]Read More

Single Review: Falling in Love // Frank Turner

‘Falling in Love’ is the latest Frank Turner release from split covers album West Coast vs. Wessex. A collaboration between long-term supporters of each other, NOFX and Frank Turner, the album will be released on 31st July and will see the American Punk Rock band’s take on five of Turner’s catalogue, whilst he returns with […]Read More

Single Review: Joy Is You // Oscar Jerome

‘Joy Is You’ is the new single from extremely talented guitarist and vocalist Oscar Jerome. This is the fifth single and closing song from incoming debut album Breathe Deep which will be released on 14th August. Released on Friday 3rd July, ‘Joy Is You’ is a lighter, more stripped-down sound coming from the South-London based artist, […]Read More

Track Review: No Time to Die // Billie Eilish

You were my life but life is far away from fair  Billie Eilish isn’t messing around. The 18 year-old’s hugely awaited Bond song, ‘No Time To Die’, dropped this morning and the most immediate takeaway is just how uncompromising the song is. ‘No Time To Die’ manages to walk the line between being very Bond […]Read More

Track Reviews: Simmer & Leave It Alone // Hayley Williams

The Paramore frontwoman returns with new music – the full album, Petals for Armor, is released 8 May – that appears to be just as much an emotional exorcism as it is an experimental solo project. It is a testament to both Hayley Williams and her producer, long-time Paramore member and friend Taylor York, that […]Read More

Single Review: Bruises // Lewis Capaldi

Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi has been waiting to captivate and make his mark on the country’s local music scene for some time – having conquered a sold-out show at the renowned King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut venue, Lewis has also succeeded in releasing a memorable, gorgeous debut single in ‘Bruises’. Lewis has an impassioned stirring voice […]Read More

Single Review: Echoes // Flyte

Over the past few years, Flyte have been slowly (but surely) carving a name for themselves in the industry thanks to a string of heavenly releases (‘Over and Out’, ‘Light Me Up’, ‘Please Eloise’). With the exception of a few festivals last year, the London-based group have been keeping a pretty low profile, working on […]Read More

EP Review: By Your Side / Vampire Town // Empathy

Following last year’s stunning ‘Demons / Seeing Stars’, London duo Empathy Test – that’s Isaac Howlett and Adam Relf – are back with their signature sci-fi inspired sound and huge, cinematic soundscape. Fresh from touring Europe and playing to their biggest audiences yet, including thousands at festivals such as Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Germany, the pair’s latest […]Read More

Single Review: Cling // Brooders

After their ferocious debut single Haze was unleashed, Leeds-based trio Brooders have hit back with a second offering in the form of Cling. Honing in on their neo-grunge sound tinged with psychedelia, Cling is a track that’s a little bit slower, though packs just as much punch as their previous single. Beginning with nasally and […]Read More

Single Review: Bleeding Heart // Regina Spektor

People of the world, the queen has returned. Regina Spektor has announced that 30th September will mark the release Remember Us to Life, her first album since 2012’s beautiful What We Saw from the Cheap Seats. Alongside this news was the release of ‘Bleeding Heart’, her newest single and the album’s opening track. Catchy as […]Read More

Track Review: Be Somebody // Boyce Avenue

The band of brothers from Florida certainly haven’t been making waves in the music industry in the past few years, considering they haven’t released an album as of late. But with their new album, Road Less Traveled pending release, everything is beginning to pick up for the trio. Be Somebody is the first single off the […]Read More

Single Review: Fallback // Astroid Boys

It’s palpable that grime and punk as genres are both driven by the energy of youth. Constructed by the sheer talent of the marginalized – who use music as a vehicle to express their inner frustrations – whether it be with the government, society or personal issues. Hailing from Cardiff, Astroid Boys take the nuances […]Read More

Track Review: Cyan // Pleasure House

Rising like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes of that evanescent ‘B-Town’ scene, Birmingham’s latest musical export has arrived in the shape of Pleasure House, a tight-knit quartet who have lunged their way onto the nation’s indie music radar in the last year or so. To say what’s on offer in ‘Cyan’, the lead song […]Read More