Review: The Goodbye EP // Thomas Headon


Thomas Headon has just released another EP, his second this year! The Goodbye EP is everything and you could want and more as a follow up to his previous release, The Greatest Hits. Thomas was born in London and at the age of five his family relocated to Melbourne, Australia where he grew up and during his early teenage years he began uploading covers, enabling him to build up a loyal worldwide fanbase.

‘I’m Finally In Love’ kicks off the EP, offering an upbeat conversational representation of love as a young person in 2020. Considering most relationships are being forged online rather than in person these days, lyrics such as “we speak online from time to time’” spark the relatability of Headon’s music from the offset. 

Second track ‘Loving You’ has the energy and style of a Rex Orange County song, an artist cited as one of Headon’s many influences, alongside the likes of Harry Styles and Coldplay. The conversational structure of his music returns in the verses of the following track, ‘Focus’. Social commentary is also apparent throughout the EP, with “wearing corduroy as socks and using iPhone 20 Pro,” a remark on the insane rate our consumerist society is progressing at.

‘Cut and Bleach My Hair’ is full to bursting with metaphors leaving the true meaning of the song somewhat vague; there is room to suggest that it is about the idea of someone altering their identity simply just to fit in. Like all the tracks on the EP it has a buoyant beat. The penultimate track, ‘UrbanAngel1999’ is the most recent single and maintains the upbeat sound that has been prevalent throughout. Despite being released mid September, this EP definitely has an aura of summer about it.

The final track offers a contrast to the opening song ‘I’m Finally In Love’ with the more mellow title ‘I’m Finally Alone’, and makes a note of the impact that constantly being in each other’s pockets has. Whilst the internet provides us with endless opportunities, we never really manage to completely switch off and distance ourselves from the world online.

The Goodbye EP could very easily be the soundtrack to a coming of age movie. The EP as a whole offers an honest and open insight into life as a millennial in 2020, pairing thought-provoking lyrics with upbeat tempos. Thomas Headon is definitely one to watch.

Words by Grace Nicholls

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