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Don’t Be Sucked In By Netflix And Performative Activism

The streaming service tries its hardest to be your progressive Gen-Z pal, and yet their actions and content expose a capitalistic emptiness at its core. Netflix has long positioned itself as a platform tailored to Generation X, hot on the tails of social change and catering to all kinds of diverse content. Much of their […]Read More

“You’re Not Like Other Girls” Is Not A Compliment

When a girl drinks beer, enjoys sport or is vaguely kooky, it’s not uncommon to hear those dreaded words from their male love interests: “you’re not like other girls.” This is not a compliment. It’s offensive. The male-dominated film industry is full of outdated attitudes that, in their efforts to creative unique love interests, actually […]Read More

Love And Landscape In The Works Of Francis Lee

Having spent his first two features making poetic links between queer love and landscape, Francis Lee has cemented himself as one of the most talented filmmakers working today. Katie Evans explores his work, in parallel with LGBTQ+ History Month. Acclaimed British film director Francis Lee takes his filmic inspiration from the landscapes that enveloped him […]Read More

A Tribute to Christopher Plummer

Beloved actor and national treasure Christopher Plummer sadly passed away yesterday, aged 91.  With a career spanning seven decades, he touched the hearts of so many and left a legacy which will be cherished by all generations to come.  Born in Toronto in 1929, Plummer initially began studying to be a concert pianist. However, after being inspired […]Read More

Did We Judge ‘The Goldfinch’ Too Harshly?

When I first watched The Goldfinch I, like many others, was incredibly disappointed with how it turned out. What was once a film that had everything going for it—a big name director in John Crowley, a great ensemble cast, literary merit in its source material—became nothing more than boring Oscar bait and a critical and […]Read More

Nixon on Film: Is Cinema’s Most Controversial President About To

After what has been perhaps one of the most tumultuous election campaigns in modern U.S. history—and one that continues to cause division across the country—the people have elected Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States. However, incumbent President Trump is not going down without a fight, and I imagine his leaving […]Read More

‘For Sama’: A Year On

It has been a year since one of the most essential documentaries of the 21st century, For Sama, premiered in UK cinemas. In a revolutionary 100 minutes, it changed the entire world of documentary making.  Waad al-Kateab, now 29, documents everything in this journey through uprisings, airstrikes and tragedy during the Syrian civil war. All […]Read More

We Don’t Need No Education: 20 Films Set in School

Years after leaving school, I still find myself being deferential to the scholastic calendar. I wake up on 1 September and expect there to be a path of autumnal leaves ceremoniously leading out of my bedroom, signalling in the season of woolly jumpers and new WHSmith stationery. It does feel weird, now deep into my […]Read More

Tim Roth, ‘Captives’ and the British erotic thriller

The three most-liked reviews of Captives on the film social network Letterboxd are pretty similar in their brazen horniness for Tim Roth. “this was absolute garbage but i want tim roth to spit in my mouth” reads the first. “MY BODY IS LITERALLY A HOLE FOR TIM ROTH I WANT HIM TO CHOKE ME!” reads […]Read More

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme: How The Mamma Mia! Films Saved Summer

August. The month for stumbling around festivals, swimming in the sea and listening to Jess Glynne for the thousandth time on a Jet2 flight. August 2020, however, represents a different beast altogether. As we all struggle to come to terms with staycations, picnics and socially distanced pub gardens, one thing has come to the rescue […]Read More

Talkin’ Bout My Reputation: In Defense of ‘Red Sparrow’

Dead Sexy: A Fortnightly Column on Erotic Thrillers Just like its ornithological counterpart The Goldfinch, Francis Lawrence’s Red Sparrow was a film pronounced dead on arrival. I didn’t have Letterboxd when Red Sparrow was released, nor was I yet au fait with the beast that is ‘film twitter’. I watched it at an empty screening […]Read More