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Theatre In Lockdown: How To Get Your Fix From Home

We’ve all started to accept that trips to the theatre might not go back to the way they were for quite some time. However, the range of theatre that has been made available to livestream during lockdown is somewhat softening the blow. Whether you’re musical mad or have a passion for puppetry, it seems that […]Read More

YouTube announces Free Virtual Film Festival ‘We Are One’

As COVID-19 continues to upset the cinematic calendar, film festivals have been forced to cancel or postpone en masse. In the wake of such disruption, YouTube and Tribeca Enterprises (the organisation behind New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival) have partnered to bring us an entirely virtual film festival named “We Are One: A Global Film […]Read More

Youtuber Nikkietutorials Comes Out

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the stunning Nikkie De Jager, she is one of the most subscribed beauty Youtubers, often referred to by her YouTube username, NikkieTutorials. The Dutch beauty guru went viral in 2015 with her video “The Power Of Make-up”, which discussed the stigma around makeup and those who wear […]Read More

TV Review: Magpies Love Mirrors

This brand new comedy web-series from a small army of Cambridge students not only provides numerous laugh-out-loud moments, but also excitingly messes with conventional comedy form. Magpies Love Mirrors is somewhat of an enigma, blending sketch comedy with recurring characters and storylines, surreal parody with dry wit, that by the final episode, you’re perhaps more confused […]Read More

Interview: Beno

We caught up with intrepid and anonymous urban explorer Beno to get the lowdown on train-surfing, crane-climbing, and his love of progressive houseRead More

From Clickbait to Neistat: Joe Binder eases you into starting

There’s always been something absurdly scary about finding yourself stuck on YouTube, unrestrainedly clicking from video to video in the search for meaningful content. Whether you’re watching Zoella choose what lush bath bomb to use, or browsing a BuzzFeed video titled ‘Eyebrows Throughout History’ (which is an actual thing by the way), there’s nothing scarier […]Read More

The Evolution of Music Videos

We’ve all been on YouTube and suddenly had a song come into our heads. So you search it up, and boom, there’s the song, with accompanying video. However, the phenomenon of putting film to music took a lot longer to develop than putting music to film did. The modern music video is a result of […]Read More

Poem of the Week: Wildfire // Angela Innes

  Angela Innes’ eloquently spoken poetry resonates with many as she covers a wide variety of poetic topics. ‘Wildfire’ epitomises the anger behind feeling a lack of reciprocated love in a relationship and the realisation of it after a break-up. The first stanza establishes the semantic field of artwork. Innes illustrates her insecurities by weaving […]Read More

Poem of the Week: Hi, I’m a Slut // Savannah

For the first Poem of the Week feature I thought I’d write about something contemporary. And what’s more contemporary than YouTube? Savannah Brown is a poet. She’s also a YouTuber who often uploads spoken word videos. Her poem ‘Hi, I’m a Slut’ is a slam poem, and a pretty amazing one at that. Brown interweaves […]Read More

Book Tour Review: The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire

Vloggers and YouTubers are taking over the internet, and best friend duo Dan and Phil are now at the very top of the YouTube game. Following the completion of their UK tour, I thought I’d give you a quick overview of what the event had to offer. Turning their hands to YouTube videos, radio, gaming, […]Read More

Album Review: Pentatonix // Pentatonix

Pentatonix caused a surge of interest in acapella music after winning Season 3 of the ‘The Sing Off’ in America, and becoming a worldwide internet sensation. Since then, they have released two Christmas albums and three collections of music and have now released their new self-titled album with nearly completely original tracks. The deluxe edition also contains covers […]Read More

Track Review: Let It Out // Frances

After the success with her first EP ‘Grow’, reaching No. 4 in the singer/songwriter chart on iTunes and becoming the iconic song for the latest Amazon Prime advert, Frances is releasing her next EP, Let It Out, with hope of even more success. The title track exploits her ability to strip back music to its simplest form […]Read More

Gaming News: YouTube Gaming to add Android streaming

YouTube will soon be adding Android streaming to it’s dedicated Gaming service. Following the launch in the UK and US, YouTube Gaming – the company’s standalone website – will utilise it’s Android app to help users live stream their mobile gaming experiences as other users are able to do though consoles currently. While it’s not […]Read More

Gaming News: YouTube Gaming Launches

YouTube will launch their dedicated Gaming service later today. Featuring content some of the biggest games – and gamers – in the world, this new service looks to begin a new chapter in the site’s history. Available as a site and app, this new service aims to focus gaming in one place, with over 25,000 […]Read More